Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's over 5000!

So an Alpha Tester of ours named Raxoll decided that he wanted to see just how powerful EA's little engine was.  He decided to see just how many units he could build before his powerful gaming machine (I'll just say it was a quad core Intel with a Radeon 3850 and 3 gigs of ram on Vista) crashed.

Here's a pic.  He said that whenever he got above 5035 (yes, thats right) Zaku II's that the game would crash.  Honestly, if you need more than a thousand Zaku's to get the job done then something is wrong here people.  Now, the game only would run at 3-5 fps after he up past 1000 but still, 5035 is DAMN impressive.  (myself, I was hoping he'd get over 9000!)