Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things that should have been said a few days ago.

Just a few updates, I've been trying to do this update now for the last 4 days and every time I start it I just seem to get distracted.  So, where to start?

Well, I should probably start by saying that last Saturday Carl Macek died.  For those of you who do not know who this is, Carl was the guy who gave birth to Robotech.  Love it or hate it, Robotech is one of the best known classics for sci-fi giant robot animes and personally I wouldn't be working on this mod if it wasn't for this man, even if inderectly.  So we do morn his passing.

Now onto other things.  Some of you may have seen this on MOD DB.

There are a few things I want to say about this.  First off, this has nothing to do with us.  We didn't post it on there, we didn't say it was ok to put it there, we have had no contact with the person who did upload it.  

However, we are not upset or mad about this, and we really don't care that it is there.  The more people that know about the mod the better!  But, the Tiberium Wars Resurection story that the person who did post it is not our story.  We are working on a story that will explain why our mod will be the way it will be, but that is definatly not it lol.  So please, if you go to the site and read the story, it's not ours its his.  :p

And finally, some new stuff!  We've added a few more units to the early part of the game to help all the sides of the EF defend while they build up to choosing a timeline.  The first 2 units are the Missle Buggy Mk2 and the Anti-Zaku tank.  Originally the Earth Federation used these units when they believed that mobile suits were not worth researching.  Well, after Zeon's Zakus tore threw the EF's main forces they learned they were wrong the hard way and the Gundam Research Project was born.  These two units are from the Pre-Gundam time.  They work well for early game but quickly get outpaced by better and more versitile units.  

The 3rd addition is the Madea transport plane.  These large planes have 3 transport slots in them and are able to transport both infantry and vehicals, including mobile suits.  That makes these units very useful througout the entire game.

Oh, and on a side note, we have slightly modified the weapons of a few GDI, NOD, and Scrinn units to make them be able to hit Air now.  Honestly, we're not sure why these units weren't able to hit air to begin with, it just makes since.  

As always, feel free to Email me or leave a comment.  I may not reply right away, but I do try to reply to all questions and comments that we get.   

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Land Bases and AW

Just thought I would post up a few pics of the latest addition to the game, the After War Land Bases.  These massive ships are different from the space ships of the UC or SEED in a few different ways. 

First of all the Land Base is exactly that, land based, so it is not a unit that will be able to fly across the board and ignore terrain.  Not that you will want to be using it much in that way, the Land Base is not an attack unit.  It is a mobile factory for producing the Gundams of the AW line.  The one we have decided to go with for now is the Tenzan class Landbase.  It only has a single weapon on it, and this weapon is for defensive purposes only, however it does have a few advantages.  For one it is able to repair any vehicle based units around it making it a large mobile repair pad.  It also can produce the Airmaster, Leopard, or Gundam X depending on what version you go with, meaning that the Tenzan A produces only Airmasters where the Tenzan X can make Gundam X.  You get the idea.  Also the Tenzan's don't make units in the traditional way.  Unlike the White Base or ArchAngel, the Tenzan does not have to land to make units.  Instead, units are produced through a unique upgrade system.  You click on the upgrade for say Gundam X.  The Tenzan makes the Gundam X as an upgrade, and once the Gundam X is made the Upgrade that was used to make it is once again avalible to make again.  As it can do this while on the move, it gives it a unique tactical advantage. 

Also, all of the models that are going to go into AW are now in the game, meaning that all I have to do now is work on the AW upgrade and tech tree system and we'll be good to go.  I will keep everyone posted.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Update on AW

Wow, has it been over a week since I last posted an update?  Didn't realize that much time had gone by, it seems like I havn't gotten much done latley thanks to work.  

Well, here are a few pics of Gundam Leopard Destroy and Airmaster Burst.  I am working on Gundam X Divider right now, have the model done and a few animations, just have to throw the textures on it and this one should be done too I think.

Here are the teasers.  I even took a pic of the Airmaster Burst with and without the texture so you can see the difference it makes.