Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where the hell have I been?

Working unfortunatly.  The good news is that we're still working on the mod, even if there havn't been many updates latley.  Right now we're working on getting the settings for the units down right.

Oh, and did I mention that we have an offical Alpha version of the game for folks to try?  Email me at if your interested in testing out the alpha of the mod.  Now, the Alpha is missing quite a bit, we still don't have many audio cues on the Zeon units, we're still missing the Zeon tech upgrades and super powers, and there is no Zeon AI but most of the units are there, and GDI and NOD have their new toys that work well.  If interested, give me a buzz.  All I'm requesting in return is some info on your machine (what your system specs are) so I can get an idea of how the game will run on the different machines out there. 

Monday, June 2, 2008

Some new stuff!

Well, it's been a bit, but lets see whats new in the Xenoforce world shall we?

First off, the units in from Zeon who have funnels now actually HAVE funnels!  That makes a big difference to some units like the Quin Mantha shown here as thats an extra 30 shots!  Also, Zeon now has a defensive tower that is invisible that also detects stealth, something they desperatly needed.

On GDI's side we have the Wolverine, an Anti-Infnatry based mecha.  It's small but it packs a serious punch against other infantry.  Just don't expect it to do much damage to anything else.

Then we have NOD.  Now, not much has been talked about with NOD, so let see where we are.  Oh, whats that?  Yes, it's a new Tank for NOD, the Hammerhead to be exact.  This lovely piece of artillery is JUST what Nod needed to make it a contender.  Well, that and the fact that I've removed the 1 limit to NOD's commandos making them THE Stealth-Annoyance army.   And that's not all, I've also given NOD the Fortress.  This mobile rocket bunker is one of the toughest things rolling around on the battlefield, and it's 8 rocket men inside help make sure that everyone knows it's there.