Sunday, June 26, 2011

Xenoforce : The Original 3 RC2

At the bottom of this post you will find a link to the next RC for the 1.1 update to Xenoforce:O3. But for those that actually read this first, I want to thank you for helping us try and make this mod better.

I would like to take a moment and try to stress a few things, why we're spending time working on the Original 3 and why your support and help are important.

We are working on the original 3 because, to be quite frank, we have no choice. If we are going to add such drastic forces as Gundam/Invid/RDF/Zeon into a game and keep that game balanced and fun then we have to use a system that is neutral to both series. Originally we were going to just use EA's design and call it a day, but after the last MOD release it was obviously apparent to us that EA's system simply wouldn't do it. EA's system simply did not have the scope to do what was needed. So we could expand on EA's system or come up with our own. The problem with using EA's system was it would not be fair. If we can agree that Gundam/Robotech must be placed on a neutral system to allow for proper fairness then we must also agree that to allow CNC's units to use their own system would simply be unfair.

So we designed our own system and started the process of converting CNC's units to our system. And since we were doing this we went ahead and made the changes that we felt the CNC armies needed to help make them unique.

Now why this is so important is my second point. We have now made 3 armies with this system (GDI/NOD/Scrin) and only with your feedback and support can we hope to see exactly how this system will work for EF/Zeon/Invid/RDF. What glaring bugs appear with our system? How were these bugs fixed? What does this mean for the other armies not placed in yet? These things are important. So thank you for your support and help, and hopefully this RC will be the last needed.

Xenoforce : The O3 RC2

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Xenoforce O3 1.1 release canidate

Here's the release canidate for 1.1

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Original 3 is a great sucsess!

I guess it depends on what your measuring it up against but to me over 600 downloads in a week is great! On top of that we were on the front page of MOD DB for the week and in their "showcase slideshow"!

Later this week (probably close to friday) I will be uploading an update to the O3 mod, version 1.1

This version will address a few balancing issues with the GDI and NOD along with major rebalancing of the Scrin. For example the Stormrider will now get 3 plasma guns instead of the lance weapon, the Tripod loses the ability to upgrade it's arms individually (now it's done through the regular Scrin Powers System) and gains the ability to blink (ah ha! Now there is a good reason to pick that power! Blinking Tripods with Shields and Lance Weapons? Talk about dangerous!)

Keep your eyes open guys, and we'll see you next week.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Xenoforce : The original 3 fixed version

Sorry about that guys, here's a new version with the correct sku. Enjoy.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Xenoforce - The Original 3 is done.

The official release of Xenoforce : The Original 3 is here!


There will not be a Sunday post tommorow.

EDIT - Wow did I mess up. I posted the wrong sku file for the mod to work. Download this as a temp to fix the issue, tommorow I will repost the MOD with the correct sku.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

XO3 test 2 now avalible

Here is the next test version of Xenoforce : The Original 3 (or XO3)

Depending on how this gos I'm hoping that this will be the version that will be placed on MOD DB. Let me know if you find any issues with the balancing / powers here.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Xenoforce : The Original 3 Rebalancing Test

Here it is, a playable rebalancing for the original 3 armies of CNC3. This is a test run of the new 3 armies and the way the rebalancing came out. If it turns out to be good then I will release this version as a seprate mod on MOD DB.

Sorry, mod was pulled due to me being a moron and not resetting timers on NOD powers. Will be back up in a few hours if I can get the upload to go through.

Ok, here's the link to the REAL test. NOTE! Do not pick EF as a playable choice. If you do it will crash the mod. This mod ONLY has GDI/NOD/Scrin in it. IF this test go's well I will release this as a full mod with only GDI/NOD/Scrin on MOD DB and EF will not show up as an option.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Home strech of new NOD design.

We're almost done with the new NOD design. This means 2 things.

1) we can finally get back to working on EF. I personally can't wait and am finding it hard to NOT just jump in and start working on AW.

2) a release for these changes will be coming soon within the next few days for everyone to try out.

Now the 2nd reason is important. I wasn't going to release the mod this way and just keep it as an internal mod but recently I've had a few emails (and one request on the image section of MOD DB) asking for us to release the mod with only the 3 original armies. So thats what I plan on doing. This mod will be called Xenoforce : The Original 3 and will only have GDI/NOD/Scrin in it. A few things to remember on this is that this new mod will not be getting updated regularly, it's simply a test run for our new balancing system and for the people out there who want to play the mod this way. Also, just because we won't have any EF stuff in here (or an option to play as EF) does NOT mean we are stopping work. I know it looks like we keep taking things away but I promise you thats not what's happening here, this is just what some folks have asked for.

Here is the list of changes that still need to happen before the release this week.

1) NOD special powers.

2) NOD Defenses need rebalancing.

3) few more GDI Tweaks.

4) few more AI tweaks for Scrin.

So here we go.