Sunday, February 28, 2010

Alpha 0.7A released!

Alpha 7 is now done!  There are some new changes that have happened along with the things I mentioned that would be done.

First of all the changes to UC help them hold the line.

UC - 

Added Mobile Repair Ball to UC

Added Artillery Pad Lvl 2 to UC

Added Anti-Air System Lvl 2 to UC

Now for the change to Earth Federation.

All buildings now have deployment animations.

Changed the Space Port building to something that looks more advanced.

Changed the G-Falcon to a type of Blackhawk Helecopter.

Finally the changes to SEED

Added Gundam Justice

Added Gundam Strike Freedom

Now for the more important things.  All of the requirements and the discriptions should now be correct.  Also a lot of the weapons and costs have been rebalanced.  The Gundam units from SEED now have Phase Shift Armor, which makes them immune to all weapons except for Beam Weapons.  On that note, Beam Weapons are now their own type, making the game a bit more interesting on that note.  Once the Phase Shift Armor has taken enough damage the units will revert back to normal and can be harmed like anything else (Basically the Phase Shift Armor is a type of Shield that protects against everything except Beam Weapons).

The Gundam Freedom unit is an amazing unit.  It is very powerful that has 2 abilities.  The first activates the DRAGOON system, giving you 8 attack drones.  While in the DRAGOON system is activated if one is destroyed it is replaced in 10 seconds.  The other ability is the activation of the Phase Shift Armor.  Once the drones are out you can switch to Phase Shift and they will still be out, they just won't get replaced as they are destroyed.  However the Phase Shift does take a full minute to reactivate so you can't just swap between the 2 powers on a whim.

The Justice Gundam is a different story.  It's a melee air unit.  However the model itself needs some work.  If its shield is up the model does some weird things.  Still, it works.  Also while it can destroy most air units in a few hits (except for other Gundams) it has problems hitting moving targets.  We still have to do some work on it, but it's getting there.  

Another new change is the defenses.  UC has a lot of defenses to choose from, they have the basic anti-ground turret, the baracks, the basic anti-air turret, the basic artillery platform, the advanced anti-ground turret, the advanced artillery platform, and the advanced anti-air site.  SEED on the other hand only has the basic Anti-ground, basic Anti-air, and the baracks.  Doesn't seem fair does it?  Oh wait, whats this?  When you choose Gundam SEED timeline these 3 basic defenses get a 50% boost to their health now!  That defiantly helps make these defense go the extra yard.

Oh, and we finally added the INI:Faction that was missing under the army selection part.  So now it says Earth Federation, cool huh? :p 

Well, all and all, some may be disappointed in this release as it is mostly a cosmetic fix.  Still it is a very important one.  I would suggest giving the Scrinn a go on Hard on a 8 player map.  They will definatly be a challenge, especially to SEED.  But then again Justice and Strike Freedom will make a huge difference against them, it may be the tipping point.

The Rapidshare link is :

The Mediafire link is :

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alpha 0.7 delayed

I know I planned on having the 7th alpha done by today and out to you guys by tonight, but as I cleaned up the code I kept finding things I wanted to fix and/or add to help change the overall experience.  

To give you guys an idea of the things that are changing, we're removing the G-Falcon from the game and replacing it with a generic chopper until I can get my hands on a Fanfan model.  We've also replaced the generic paladin tank with the Type-61 Tank.  Also we're adding a few more defensive units to the UC side and are modifying the code so that the generic defenses that all 3 sides have change based off of which side you pick (Example would be SEED defenses will have more health to counteract the fact that they have fewer defenses). 

There currently isn't an ETA to when we will have the next version of the mod, but I am hoping within the next week or so.  Also since we're working so hard on adding these new units/stats into the game the "rundown" that I planned on posting will be delayed until after the next mod release.  Keep your eyes open for more info.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Announcing Gundam SEED! Alpha 0.6A Released!

Well we have been VERY busy the last 3 days.  It was only monday that Alpha 0.5A was released and it's now so far obsolete it's not funny.  We now have the Gundam SEED system in place!  There are a LOT of changes here so please pay attention.

Changes to EF as a whole -

Added Walls to the EF.

Added Special Beam Attack to Wing Zero.  It must be fired from the unit's abilitiy button.

Changes to UC -

Added special powers to GP03!  GP03 now has the missile bombard ability AND the Rail Cannon ability.  These abilities drop every 45-60 seconds allowing it to pump out massive damage.  Also GP03 has had his artillery cannons added in as his standard attack making it feel more like it should and have a greater effect on the battles.

Changes to SEED -

Added DaggerL Squads

Added Dagger Doppelhorn Aritllery Unit

Added Wing Dagger Unit

Added Phantom Sword Unit

Added Phantom Launcher Unit

Added Phantom Aile Unit

Added Strike Gundam Unit

Added Gundam Freedom Unit

Added Moebius Flight Unit

Added Dagger L Nuke 

Added NJammer Canceler Upgrade

Added Strike Pack Upgrades

Fixed ArcAngel so it now lands and builds units.


The special power abilities on GP03, Freedom, Nuke Dagger, and Wing Zero sometimes does not fire even though it activates.  This issue is being looked at but there is no real fix for the issue ATM.  It looks as though if you target the ground infront of what you wish to hit with these abilities they almost always work verses trying to actually hit the unit and it not working.

And with that SEED is almost done.  We still need to add Trans-Phase Armor to the Gundams under SEED and all of the descriptions need to be added in and fixed for SEED.  These things should be added in next week so keep your eyes out for the next Alpha.

Now here is the part where I ask you all for help.  There are 2 things I need from all of you.  

1. I need multiplayer details.  If you could please play a few multiplayer games, using EF SEED vrs EF UC and send me details and / or the replays for me to watch I would definatly appreciate it.

2. Any modelers out there that want to help out I would appreciate it in a sorta-specific way.  We would like to add Heavy Arms, Shenlong, and Sandrock into the game.  Unfortunatly we have no models that come close to these units (other than Heavy Arms.  If I don't get your guys help Dougbendo will be trying to make his own out of parts from GP03, Gouf Custom, Striker Gundam, along with a few other units.  I don't want to see this myself).  If not, well, its your own fault when Heavyarms looks like a retarded version of a toaster.  

Before I post the next alpha (0.7a) next week I will be making another post (probably close to next Monday) with pictures of every unit thats already in the game along with discriptions of the units and how they work.  Keep your eyes open for it if this is the kind of thing that your interested in.

Here are the links.

Rapidshare -

Mediafire -

Monday, February 15, 2010

A new week, a new verison of the Mod!

Here is the 5th alpha of the Xenoforce Reborn mod.  We have added another few new toys for the UC player to have in the form of power-drops.  These are things that were not in the original mod for the most part, and the models may look a bit odd, but they work for what they are entended to do.

Changes -

GunSniper is now the proper color.

Added the White Dingo kill squad as a support drop - (3 powerful gun-snipers that are white and bear the insignia of the White Dingos)

Added the Gundam Murdock support squad drop - (2 RGM-79 Squads, 2 Gun-Cannons, and the Gundam Murdock drop)

Added Blue Destiny Gundam - This unit is super-powerful melee based unit.  It glows with a berserker power that after a minute on the battlefield causes the unit to explode (so don't expect it to be sticking around long).

Increased cash from Resource Pylon to 750

Added cash revenue from White Base when landed.

Now you only can use these powers when the White Base is in the Air, so you have to actually balance between having it produce Gundams and money and being a mobile command fortress that can drop support units in.

This is a stop-gap update as we plan on having another update later this week adding a good chunk of the Gundam SEED side into the game.

Rapidshare Link -

Mediafire Link -

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Alpha 04 is out!

Ok, here's the latest version of the alpha.  Please, if you need help installing it there is a readme.txt file in the rar that will explain it.

This version is a much "cleaner" version of alpha 3.  A lot of the graphics have been fixed, along with the costs and abilities.  The main thing to look at is that the "End Game" has been put in.  The Earth Federations design works like this.  

The player chooses EF.  As he starts getting his base defenses built up and his early forces are being used to grab and hold terrain he will be faced with a choice.  The choice is which time line does he wish to follow for Gundam Development.  He can go with AC which follows the original gundam series through GP03's development, UC which follows the Zeta Gundam, or SEED timeline which follows the, well, SEED gundam units lol.  At the end of each of the timelines the final Gundam unit will have an upgrade option avalible.  Project Meteor.  Once this is researched you can build a Project Meteor research station in one of the Tiberium Fields under your control.  This is a heavly armored research center (that is also always stealthed) that builds Wing Zero and Deathscythe.  These 2 final units are extremly powerful and very very fast.  

After this I hope to be able to start on the SEED timeline as I think that the AC timeline will pretty much be done.  Things WILL change so don't worry, just because this unit has this ability now doesn't mean it won't change, I just mean that I plan on working on continuing the work of adding units in instead of focusing on fine tuning what is already there.  

Here is the Rapidshare and Mediafire links.