Thursday, November 29, 2012

December is a happy time

Or so they say.  I personally am starting to not like it. It's cold, so the heating bill go's up.  I get sick much easier, so there's the down time from that.  Its also crazy busy at work so there is that as well.  All this adds up to less and less time to work on the mod.

God I can't wait till January at this point.

Still I do have some time.  I'm currently working in re-integrating the Xenoforce O3 files from the latest version.  Then we move on to converting UC and AW.  After that its SEED.  I'm hoping the first 2 parts go quick so that I can spend most of December on SEED.  As long as I have the proper models this should move along at a rather nice pace.

Once I get UC and AW converted I will post a version up here for readers of the Blog to try out.  Consider it a gift to all you "god, he's ranting again" people who actually read this mess lol.

Back to work for me.  :)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

More late posts, but it happens.

I first wanted to let everyone know that yes, I know I have not been posting on here as regularly as I want.  However I have a good reason.  I work in Retail and it's heading into the busiest time of the year for us.  For the last 2 months I've been getting extra hours at work (8-12 extra a week) which has taken a lot of my extra time away.

We are still hard at work on the mod.  Tonight I will be uploading the O3 2.1 version of the mod to ModDB / Mediafire for everyone to play.  This version will have some balancing tweaks and fix's to it (no more infinite cash for GDI players who like to shoot at the ground).

Tomorrow I plan on starting work on converting UC and AW to our new system.  I hope this conversion process will go smooth.  As a special "thank you" to all the people who read the blog I plan on posting up a link to this "pre-SEED" version of the mod once it's done, hopefully by the end of November.  This link will only be here on the Blog, I don't plan on posting it on MOD DB.  So as far as that go's keep your eyes open.

In December I plan on getting SEED done and out of the way.  Our design should be easy enough that it shouldn't take long to do.  I hope.  After SEED we plan on moving straight into the Invid.  Doug has some good army ideas already in mind for them and we've gotten our hands on a few models to make this process relatively easy.

After that its a short jump to Zeon and then a hard finish with the RDF/Southern Cross/REF.

We're also working on getting new audio files placed into the mod so everything doesn't sound like a Predator unit lol.

I will try to go into more detail with our SEED designs next Sunday.  Until then keep playing!