Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cleanup duty.

So right now what we're working on is what I call "Cleanup Duty".  What this is actually is just going in and starting to fix the units little problems/settings.  Don't confuse this with balancing, for it's not the same thing.  I'm just working on the damaged animations, weapon physics (like the Dom Rocket having a chance to miss) and the like.  

We should have a nice surprize for you folks in a few days though.  :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

A few new defensive toys!

Just a few quick pics of the Zeon Defenses doing their thing.  The Zeon force has a bunker with 3 rocket men and 3 machine gunners in it making it great for early anti-air and anti-infantry and a lazer turret for anti-tank equipment.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Done by the 13th plan.

Now I must say this, as far as "Having Zeon done 100% by the 13th" go's, I will say it was a sucsess and a failure.

I think it's more of a sucsess as I've got all of Zeons units IN the game now and Zeon is a 100% Playable and seperate faction to the GDI/NOD/Scrin.  So yes, I did it all in a month.

It was a failure though as I don't have the Zeon army AI working yet (this will take a week at least so if there arn't many updates in the next few days this is why.) and I don't have the Zeon upgrades and powers done yet (though once the AI is done the other stuff will only take one solid day of work to do) and the Zeon units themselfs arn't fully balanced.  Also, I don't have the damage models working yet and I still need to do some animation tweaking on the units.  

Still, I say this is comming along quite well.  By the end of this month I hope to have the other things done and be able to move on to the Earth Federation.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good news / bad news.

The good news is that the Nightingale, Quberey, Gwazin Class Cruiser, Zeon Barracks, and Zeon Power Plants are in the game for Zeon.  Also, ZEON is it's own faction now.  

On top of that I've giving the GDI the Mammoth Mk2 from Tiberium Sun, the Titan, and the MRLS Tank back!  These are things GDI needed to just keep up with ZEON.  

Now for the bad news.  My photo capturing software isn't working, so I have no pics for you!  :(  

Oh well, you'll all just have to wait lol.

Friday, May 9, 2008

A teaser

Something we havn't talked about is how the older armies will fair in the Xenoforce mod.  Yes, we plan on leaving them in, why not?  If you REALLY think that GDI can beat ZEON then I say best of luck.  In fact, I've got a bit of a surprize for you, I'm even gonna put a few units into the game for GDI/NOD that SHOULD have been their in the beginning.

Here's a pic of the Mammoth Mk2.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Enough of this small stuff, bring on the BIG guns!

Tonight instead of doing the normal thing of pics of the Zeon Army in action I decided to do a pic of each of the mobile suits that I have in the game.  Kind of a group photo thing for the little guys.  We have the Kampfer, Xamel, Zaku-2, and Gouf in the first pic, followd by the Dom, Goog, HyGoog, and Ace Z'Gok.  

Then we move on to the Air Units of the Zeon Army.  We have the Gerbera, a highly advanced and rare mobile suit next to Haman Karns Qubeley.  Both are great mobile suits and sure pack a nasty punch.  And last but definatly not least is my favorite unit of the Zeon Army, the Neiu Zeal!  One of these shows up and you win, simple as that!  Granted it's not too fair as the GDI and NOD don't have anything remotly close to the power that the Zeil offers but still it's a sick and happy thing to see it fly in and steamroll the competition.  

The final pic is a wallpaper-screen shot of the Zeil getting the drop on some enemy units.  Notice the 2 HyGoggs in the pic?  Yep, those weren't mine.  The AI is already grabbing the Zeon units and using them!  Good thing I got to the Zeil before it did!

Tommorow night I plan on putting the Nightingale and Gwazine Class cruiser in, along with the Zeon Power Plant and Troop Barracks.  Then it's a matter of moving on to "unit cleanup" and AI usage and off to the Earth Federation Army.  The plan is to have the Zeon army 100% done by the 13th, making it a 1 month project.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Double our pleasure? Double their destruction! Doublement GUM!

And by double I mean Double the new units for Zeon in the game as of May 6, 2008 at 5:30 in the morning!  Lets start with something that I tried out and decidedly like, a change in the way the game makes units.  In the old Xenoforce mod all of the land based mecha were built from the War Factory.  That's soooo old school isn't it?  As the actual goal of this mod is to have a more balanced AND more realistic display of the forces that are in it a change has been made.

Lets start with the why.  As I was adding the new units into the game I noticed something.  About 80% of the units that made up the Zeon forces were designed and built by 2 companies.  As it makes no sence to me that 2 competing companines would use the same war factory to build their units I decided to split it up a bit.  So now we have the Zeonic War Factory and the Zimmad War Factory.  The Zeonic factory makes the Zaku 2, Gouf, Kampfer, and Xamel where the Zimmad makes the Dom, Gogg, HyGogg, and ZGok.  Now before pureist's send me hate-mail about how the Xamel and ZGok weren't made by those companies I know this but I wasn't going to force players to build a single factory to make a single unit, and as the ZGok was a amphibious unit like the Gogg and HyGogg I thought it made a great fit to the Zimmad's line of mobile suits.  

Oh, and all of those units that I named are in the game working too!  Thats right, we went from Zaku2, Gouf, Musai, and Dom to Zaku2, Gouf, Musai, Dom, Kampfer, Xamel, Gogg, HyGogg, and ZGok in a single day!  Don't get your hopes up, this isn't going to happen often.  I'm just trying to prove something (mostly to myself) and am working like a mad-man on getting everything of Zeon's IN the game ASAP.   After this I plan on taking a bit of a well deserved break.  

In the mean time, enjoy some pictures of those units in action (there's no pic of the Gogg, sorry it was an oversight maybe tommorow?) and you'll just have to wait and see what I have planned to have done by tommorow night!  

Monday, May 5, 2008

More Toys for the Zeon Army? Hell yea!

First off I'd like to say that there has been a slight change in plans.  The Musai will not, I repeat, will NOT be building units in the game.  Upon further review of, well, what the Musai actually is it occurs to me that, by gosh, the Musai was only a carrier ship for Zakus.  Would it make since then to have it build super-units and air units?  Hell no.  So, the Musai has been demoted to just super-awsome battle cruiser.  I plan on making it be able to spawn out 3 Zakus giving it the feel of what it was supposed to be.  Also, I added missle launchers to it so that it will fire off a volly of 10 missles at air and ground units as it didn't make much since to me that it would be firing off those massive beam cannons at fast moving air units.  Works well so far.  :)  Also, you'll notice in the pics that one of the Musai's took some serious damage.  Looks great in the game.

Also, if you look at the pictures you'll notice the new toy that my post title mentions.  Yes, thats the Dom folks.  It's cheaper than a Gouf and packs one hell of a punch with it's 280MM rocket launcher.  It really compliments a detachment of Zaku's and Goufs.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A little surprize!

And by little, I mean huge!  That's right, I've got one of the strongest ships in the Xenoforce:Zeon army now in the game.  May I present, the Musai.  Not only does this thing pack a serious punch and not only can it produce it's own units (at the moment it's producing ground units but I plan on changing it so that the Musai makes the Zeon air units) but it's able to withstand one hell of a punch.  Anything short of a direct nuculer hit won't stop this baby.  

Now I still have a few bugs to work out on it, the whole I'm a structure but I move thing is kinda tricky but it's pretty nice looking right now I think.  I may set it up so that it's either in production mode or in movement mode, what do you think?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Gouf, it LIVES!

So I made the chioce and decided to only make updates when there is something important to update about.  And this is definatly something important, at least to me!  I bring you, the Gouf Custom!  

Yes, yes, it's all pretty but what can it do you ask?  Well, besides being just as heavily armored as a Gundam, and besides being equipped with a 75mm gattling gun, it looks good while doing all of this too.  

Also, I finished the Zeon Propaganda Center.  As of right now it only does one thing but it's a very important thing if you wish to have a self reliant base.  It produces
cold, hard cash!  Every 20 seconds you get a nice deposit of 1500$, and with enough of them you
can be come quite self sufficent.   All and all, not bad for a few days work.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Behold the Gouf

Here's a pic of the next unit I'm working on adding to our little mod, the Gouf.  Enjoy the pic.