Monday, June 2, 2008

Some new stuff!

Well, it's been a bit, but lets see whats new in the Xenoforce world shall we?

First off, the units in from Zeon who have funnels now actually HAVE funnels!  That makes a big difference to some units like the Quin Mantha shown here as thats an extra 30 shots!  Also, Zeon now has a defensive tower that is invisible that also detects stealth, something they desperatly needed.

On GDI's side we have the Wolverine, an Anti-Infnatry based mecha.  It's small but it packs a serious punch against other infantry.  Just don't expect it to do much damage to anything else.

Then we have NOD.  Now, not much has been talked about with NOD, so let see where we are.  Oh, whats that?  Yes, it's a new Tank for NOD, the Hammerhead to be exact.  This lovely piece of artillery is JUST what Nod needed to make it a contender.  Well, that and the fact that I've removed the 1 limit to NOD's commandos making them THE Stealth-Annoyance army.   And that's not all, I've also given NOD the Fortress.  This mobile rocket bunker is one of the toughest things rolling around on the battlefield, and it's 8 rocket men inside help make sure that everyone knows it's there.


kevin said...

hey it's cool that you are reviving xenoforce. you are keeping gundam in it right? I was actually helping homura redo the archangel but then he stopped working on the mod. I also got a bunch of voices and sound effects from GS. I would offer to help you out but I dont have cnc3 yet :\. I could give you those sounds if I still have em though. good luck I look forward to this :).

Azuza K said...

Thanks Kevin, Yes we do plan on putting Gundam and Macross in. We also plan on adding Battletech in just to make things more interesting. I'd love to get those sound effects and stuff from you, if your willing. I'm sorry I havn't posted often, I've been net-less for the last week or so. Still we're hard at work on this thing. Keep checking in. My email is if you have any questions.

Star Dragon said...

Hello New Xenoforce team. I met Doug on his show and look forward to submitting some ideas for all the sides as I have some meshes that I think would improve some of the existing ones as well as totally new ones. I mod mainly Freespace2 for Robotech but understand the basics of modding other games. I used some meshes from original Xenoforce in my WIP effort.

markintellect said...

The_Hunter will not be amused. This mod is using models (Battle Fortress and Exosuit Walker) from ShockWave 0.95. Using these models without permission will result in the mod leader's castration with a rusty spoon!

Anonymous said...

Dude why the fuck are you ripping off our content? Make your own stuff. We worked hard on creating those models so you have no right using them