Sunday, February 19, 2012

The work on Nod continues.

So the other day on the Mod DB website I asked for some ideas from you guys on new names for the houses of Nod. Our old names were the Templars, the Sisterhood, the Assassins, and the Inquisition. While I am sure there are a few out there who like these names I just never cared for them that much myself. After getting a bit of feedback from Doug, Kunaiswarm, and a few others these are the names we have come up with, each with a brief description of what the player can expect from going with this house/branch. Oh yea, and we have changed it from a "house" to a "branch" from within Nod.

Sisterhood is now Section 9 Security.

Section 9 Security is an experimental research and development branch of Nods Military. They are the counter-espionage force of Nod, designed to hit hard, fast, and first. Their technology includes extensive use of laser weaponry along with some limited use of cloaking technology and plasma missile technology.

Assassins are now Black Operations.
Black Operations, or Black Ops are more of a loose group of teams within Nod than a solid branch. This fluidity allows the Black Ops to conduct missions that can not be linked back to Nod directly. They use extensive use of cloaking technology along with weapons that do pinpoint damage. For example, a Black Ops unit equipped with a missile would use a Bunker Buster missile which is designed for armor penetration and not collateral damage, meaning these missiles are more powerful against a single target and do not do splash damage.

Inquisition is now Homeland Defense.
Homeland Defense is the military might of Nod. These are the forces that the world sees at large in Nod Controlled areas. In third world countries, towns that have been over-run by bandits and warlords are offered protection by Nod's Homeland Defense. It is the Homeland Defenses Cyborg technology that is sold to the wealthy and powerful people of more prosperous nations as protection. In game this means the Homeland Defense units are focused on power and toughness, taking a direct approach to enemy encounters. They make extensive use of plasma missile technology.

Templar are now Tiberium Guard. This is the main defensive branch of Nod, but more than that these are the support and relief troops that are sent into areas that have already been liberated by Homeland Defense. They focus on medical and armor technology, picking this branch will grant the players units additional armor and health along with things like protection from Tiberium. Some of their units even give up speed for additional armor, for example the Avatar will give up 35% of it's normal movement speed to gain 50% additional HP making it a great mobile defensive unit.

Let me know what you think.


Alan said...

I think it sounds great. Im not usually a Nod player but I like the sound of it. It sounds like it is a government and a military force rather than a religious group now.

UltraKiroXei said...

These Nod Military New Reference should be useful for examples. I'll add that for this. And I wonder if the GDI, Scrin ideas are remake. B/C I've started to remake C&C 3 Original models before any of my lists are done.

Anonymous said...

5 stars. It gives Nod a more para-militaristic approach which kinda reminds me of the old Red Ribbon Army from Dragonball, though of course Nod's is a bit more serious. Also, it gives Nod a more unified appearance rather than being a loose group of fanatic cells. :3

Azuza K said...

Alan - Thanks, thats what I was looking for.

Ultra - I am not sure I understand your comment on GDI and Scrin ideas getting remade. The Scrin remake is done (been done for about a month now) I just have to fix some descriptions and get some play testing done with them and GDI are not getting much done other than a few new powers. As for new models, I wouldn't mind looking at a new Scrin unit if you did it. If it was good enough I'd find a place to put it in, The Scrin design is solid now but that doesn't mean there is no room for adding more creative flair to their choices.

Anon - Thanks, again that was what we were going for.

Anonymous said...

Well, its doesn't mean adding a new units, you could still delete on of the useless low quality model and replace it with a new model, that should give you an advice.