Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another missed sunday last week, and not much this week?

Yea I know.  I keep missing my Weekly updates.  Thats because there isn't much to talk about.  Doug and I have the Seed design almost worked out to both of our satisfactions.  An example is we're taking Heliopolis out as they were actually owned by ORB and that would put ORB in twice and we're putting LOGOS in it's place.

Some people may go "What the hell?  LOGOS and Blue Cosmos are the same thing!"  Not really.  LOGOS was basically a group of arms dealers who had backroom deals in place to stir up another war to raise profits.  Blue Cosmos was a Religious Cult (easiest way to put it) who were hell bent on a racial cleansing of all coordinators.  LOGOS spend the majority of their time working on equipment that focused on putting the most amount of firepower on the field of battle in the easiest way, or in other words making Mobile Armors.  Blue Cosmos were determined to beat the coordinator's at their own game and focused on Mobile Suits that used humans as CPUS (an argument could be made that their Human CPUS were just messed up coordinators but we won't get into that right now).

So how it's shaping up is this.

LOGOS is going to be about Mobile Armors.  Massive Power, very few units.  Logos will play with a very few super powerful units on the field that can deal with most armies regular units with little to no problem.

Blue Cosmos is going to be about Elite Prototype Mobile Suits.  Gundams.  Blue Cosmos will be able to adapt more than Logos due to having the ability to spread their elite units out across a larger area.

ORB is going to be about high performance mass production units.  Astrays and the like.   ORB is all about production and swarming the enemy with wave after wave of units, constantly keeping them down.

I guess it's time to get to work on this isn't it?  Lol.  See you guys next week.


Alan said...

I was just wondering which astrays we could be expecting like would they all be M1's or would there be blue frames, etc?

Anonymous said...

we are going to tree to do orb with out doing the gundam astray units. Its not that we don't like doing the idea of the colored frames. Its just that we are going to be doing a tone of this to seed and it my not make any sents to put all of that stuff in.

Alan said...

Ah okay yeah I get it