Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The power of the Gundams compel you!

There have been some questions on what bonus's / powers will the Gundams really give and how will they work exactly in the new version of the MOD for UC.

First of all we are trying to make it completely automated.  No "hit the power, tell it where to attack" nonsense.  If it can do it the unit should do it automatically so that the player can focus on formations and troop movements and not have to worry about making the unit fire the proper weapon.

As for what units get what exactly, it's pretty straight forward.  Keep in mind this list is subject to change based on how things work out but as of this moment this is what we're looking at.

Teir 1 -
RX-78-2 : Grants RGM79 the ability to call in airstrikes and GM Sniper the ability to call in artillery strikes.

RX-78-6 Mudrock : Grants RGC80 and RX77D better targeting sensors for the ability to always strike when they fire.  Grants Guntanks autoloaders for faster fire rates and reloads.

Gundam Alex : Converts RGM79 and GM Sniper 2 to the Cold Climate versions, increasing their stats and swapping the RGM79's MMG to a Bazooka and granting the GM Sniper 2 Stealth.

Teir 2 -
GP01 : Powered GM's locomotor switch's to "hover" allowing it to move over all terrains and weapon switchs to a beam rifle.  GM Custom gains longer range beam rifle, detects stealth, and gains greater vision range.

GP02 : Powered GM's can repair themselves in the field.  GM Customs can call in Core Boosters for fire support.  RGC 83's can call in Core Fighters for fire support.

GP03 : All units around GP03 gain a 20% increase to fire rate / movement speed due to moral boost.  If GP03 dies ALL units lose 20% decrease to fire rate / movment speed for 60 seconds do to morale loss.

Teir 3 -
RX-178-0 Prototype : All Lieutenants and Field Operation Mobile Suits gain a 25% increase in production speed (they build 25% faster).  FA-RX178 and Super Gundam gain G-Defenser drones that help with fire support.

RX-93 Nu Gundam : GM-III units gain an anti-beam armor coating giving them an additional 35% protection from laser and beam weapons and 20% from lance weapons.  Stark Jegans now detect stealth and gain a 25% increase in movement speed.  Armored Jegans now gain a true "hover" locomotor like Powered GM's can gain for better movment on the field and gains anti-air hip missile pods.

RX-93-2 Hi Nu Gundam : All units around Hi Nu Gundam gain a 20% increase to HP and Damage Output due to Moral boost.  If Hi Nu Gundam is destroyed ALL units have a 20% decrease to HP and Damage Output for 60 seconds do to Moral Loss.

As for what the Lieutenant Units and what they are, these are elite "build only one" units that are much stronger than the normal teir unit out there but they don't gain any bonus's from the Gundams.  The other point is you can build them whenever you want, you don't have to have a specific gundam on the field to get them.  This is the Lieutenant list.

Teir 1 :
GunCannon Prototype
GunTank Prototype
RX-77-3 Heavyarms Guncannon

Teir 2 :
GM Custom Hazel Unit
Powered GM Hazel Unit
GM Sniper Hazel Unit

Teir 3 :
RX-178-2 Gundam
RGZ-91 Gundam

So you can still gain some serious backup firepower no matter what Gundam you go with to help offset the fact that you may not want to put that RX78 out on the front line for fear of losing the bonus it offers for example.

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Alan said...

Looking forward to the end of February. Keep up the good work everything looks fantastic so far. :)