Saturday, July 18, 2009

All Apologies

I would first like to apologize to anyone who has looked upon the earlier work of this mod and believed that it had anything to do with Homura's work.  I started work on this mod because of his mod, because I enjoyed it so much even with it's flaws, and because I knew the flaws of that mod were in no way or shape his fault but due to the game engine itself.  

Second of all, I must point out that ALL the models in this mod that are going to be IN the mod are either from Homura's original mod OR were freely donated to us.  I will not be using any model in the model from anyone else work.  I am a coder, not a modeler, and I do not possess the knowledge or skills of the source material to do recreate those models from scratch.  As Homura has freely posted the source code to his mod and offically ended work on it, I don't see any problem with me using these.  If anyone feels the need to argue the point with me they are free to do so, thats what the reply section on here is for.

Third of all, any version of the Xenoforce Reborn mod that may be out there in the wild right now should never have gotten there.  Those versions were very early alphas that were more a proof of design than an actual attempt at recreating the Xenoforce mod.  I will be the first person to say that the current wild version is complete and udder crap.  It's not worth your time, do not play with it. 

Also, I must say that I had not realized what kind of negative press/posts were posted about this project online.  I have been, for the most part, just the coder on this job.  I will say that the models that were the cause of the online issues will NOT be an issue from this point on.  Why?  I have no intention of changing GDI/NOD in the final version of the Xeno mod.  The point isn't to add stuff to the GDI/NOD forces at all, there are other mods for that kind of thing.  The point is to add Earth Fed, Zeon, and Macross to the game.  That is the point. 

Work on this mod has restarted, but I will say that if anyone has any questions about it they should forward them to 

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Anonymous said...

Its great to see someone picking up where Homura left off, good luck!