Friday, October 2, 2009

Saturday Updates

Hello all.  A few things have changed in the last month or so, and I wanted to keep everyone who is interested in this mod informed.

First, we have finally started work on the public alpha of the mod.  That means that once we are done with this current version it will be released to the public to play.  No more "trying to get the game to do what we want", as this means we finally figured out how to get the game to do everything we need it to do!  

Next, I want to talk about the first Army that we will be getting into the game, the Earth Federation.  The EF was known before as the Gundam General.  Unlike the Gundam General, the EF will actually work more like the EF did in the shows.  That means that it is a military style army to play as.  Their focus will be around base defense, building prototype units, then mass production versions of the prototypes, and finally using tactical resorces to defeat their enemies.  These guys arn't about gurilla tactics or hiding their base, when an EF player is on the field you will know as their base will be very easy to find (it will be the one with all the laser cannons shooting at you).  

As of right now we have the EF's main starting base in the game, the Forward Base.  From the forward base you can build infantry squads, RPG squads, engineers, light tanks, and heavy tanks.  Now, the idea is that very early in the game the EF will have to use their conventional weapons to the best of their abilities until they get their Gundam Development Project online.  Once this is done, the Forward Bases use will shift from troop deployment to fund building.  Unlike the current armies in the game, the EF will not be gathering resources from tiberium.  They will instead get resources dropped in to them from the Forward Bases like a Tiberium Spike (or more to the point, the supply drops from Generals).  This will let the EF player focus on base defenses and not have to worry about "resource gatherers" but on the other hand will limit the ammount of income that an EF player will be able to generate.  So an EF player will also have to spend his resources wisely or face the consquenses.

So thats where we are right now.  I will be posting another update next Saturday to let everyone know where we stand, and maybe even a pic or two.  

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