Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here are some pics for you all to salivate over.  You may notice something unexpected about the RX79 in the pics.  The unit isn't just a unit this time around, it's actually a squad of 2.  Thats right, you buy one, and a second pops out just like an infantry squad.  It seems to work very well in playtests, and allows a player to have more units on the field while having less to focus on. 

I'm still debating on what size I really want the final size of the unit to be, but so far I'm leaning towards 2 or 3.  Any more and the squad becomes very big and powerful, which would make it very expensive and take awhile to build, but just a single unit doesn't seem right.  What do you think?


Joshua said...

Well, if my memory serves me properly, I'd say 3, but possibly a bit weaker individually as they're basically the Federation grunt unit(the 79 basically Zerg rushed the Zeon into submission through superior numbers and some lessons learned from the 78).

Azuza K said...

We're going to go with 2 I think, and squads of 3 for Zeon. The mentality here is that the 79 came out late in the game, and early in there weren't many of them. Later 79 Squads (there will be different versions of them, depending on the tech-tree path you choose) will be larger, I am especially looking forward to doing the 8th MS team type squads.

But the initial GM squad sizes will be 2, unless gameplay requires a change.