Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saturdays update (late again)

Yea, so that whole "Every Saturday an Update" thing is going super if you havn't noticed.  On the bright side, I have some good news!  I have FINALLY managed to get the White Base to work properly in the sence that I can have one made, it can take off and move, and then reland wherever it wants to make repairs, then take back off!  In other words, it finally works and doesn't crash the game.  

I have also fixed it's landing animation problems and resized it to make it a bit smaller, more correct (the other version just seemed way too long to me).  This is good I think, as this means that with a bit more tweaking I should have all of the white base issues behind me.  I hope to by next Saturday have the Proto-Type Factory in the game, along with the RX-78 (even if I don't have the 78's animations in fully).  That's my goal anyways.  Once I get the 78 in, I can work on it's upgrades, then work on the other units that will require it's upgrades to be completed to be built.  This should take me up through Thanksgiving.  After the 28th though, work becomes a lot more like hell (retail on black friday, godda love it) so I don't know where we will be standing then.  I would love to say that the first tech tree of the EF will be done by December 1st, but don't hold me to it.  

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