Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Bits have arrived.

Just so that you all don't think we havn't been doing anything these last few weeks, a quick pic session is in order. Here are what we have managed to get done between the last posting and now.

We have the GX-Bit with the same Sat Cannon and Beam Rifle that Gundam X uses, the GW-Bit with the same dual-buster rifles and the ability to transform like Gundam Airmaster has, and finally the GL-Bit that has the same gattling cannon that Gundam Leopard uses. Each of these bits are actually given for free from the main units, but these units are semi-tied to their "masters". They have a leash-range (all-be-it a very high one that will not really cause any issues) and more importatly they will die when their master is killed. Just keep this in mind while playing AW. :)

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