Friday, March 19, 2010

Gundam Leopard, a rundown on AW as it stands now.

Thought I would post a few pics of the new Gundam Leopard that AW will have at it's disposal. At first a person who isn't immediatly familiar with all things gundam may see this and go "Foul! That thing is a ripoff of Gundam HeavyArms!" And you know what? Your half-right. Gundam X (which Leopard comes from) and Gundam Wing were happening at the same time, and Leopard is a lot like Heavy Arms, however I feel Leopard is a much more realistic version of what Heavy Arms turned into, and a bit cooler to boot.

This unit will be a backbone unit to the AW player. It is equipped with the massive inner-arm gattling that you can plainly see equipped to it's left arm, a missile launcher mounted in its right shoulder, and a 6-barreled grenade launcher mounted on it's right wrist. Formitable firepoer indeed. Plus it's a mass production unit, so you can plainly see where this bad boy shines. (Just don't put it up to something with phase shift armor like any of the gundams from SEED. I just can't see it winning that fight lol).

So at this point we're at about 33% done with AW by my estimation. I only have honestly 7 more units to put in for AW, and then some reworking and moving of the units build times/build orders, you know things of that nature and AW should be sitting at a playable state.

To give you an idea of just how this is going to work, at the moment we're going to have AW have 3 mass production units, 3 unique units, 1 special support aircraft, and 4 special operation units. The 3 mass production units are going to be Gundam Airmaster, Gundam X, and Gundam Leopard. Each of the mass production units will actually spawn 6 bits of their respective types with a little research. These units will not be like the funnels of the Mobeius for example though, these units will be true-to-form real units that you can select and move anywhere you want on the field. However these units will spawn very slowly from the units, so you still can't just throw them away as cannon fodder just because they're free. Time is your enemy in these situations. The Gundam X will spawn the GX-Bit which will also have the Solar Cannon ability (these guys will definatly be dangerous), the Airmaster will spawn the GW-Bit which will be equipped with 2 beam rifles and also be able to transform into Fighter Mode at will, and finally the Leopard will spawn the GT-Bit which will be equipped with the same inner-arm gattling. You can obviously see the advantages an AW player gets as well as the obvious disadvantage.

Now that's 6 of the units AW gets (3 mass production, 3 of the speical operations units). The support unit that AW gets will be the GS-9900 GFalcon which will offer decent air support to a player who finds themselves on the wrong side of an air battle with no Airmasters or Airmaster Bits in the air for support.

Now if your following all of this, I am sure you can guess what the 3 unique units will be. Gundam Double X, Gundam Airmaster Burst, and finally Gundam Leopard Destroy will all be single build units. These guys will definatly help you balance the playing field though as they are substantial improvements over their original forms.

Now if your keeping track that means there is 1 more unit I havn't mentioned. Well, we are keeping that last guy a secret for now, but rest assured that this final unit will make keeping your base defended a much easier task for AW than it may appear at the moment. AW's defenses only cover levels 1 and 2 of the defensive tech tree, where SEED only gets level 1 and UC obviously gets all 3 levels. But this will definatly help offset the loss of the bigger artillery pieces and nuclear missle.

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