Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a quick thank you and update

First off I would like to say thank you to the following people for donating models and helping us with the mod up to this point.


Thanks for all the help so far guys your models and input have been a big help.

And because of this I can say confedently that I am about half way threw teir 3 of uc. The uc timeline is going to be set up into 5 different teirs, or timelines. The first is 0079, the second the end of 0079 and into 0080, the third 0083, the fourth will be taking place during 0086 I believe and finally the last will jump to 0093. We were considering 0090 fpr a bit and may still do it, but our concern is that we don't want it taking the player 45 minutes to "tech out" when a different army takes only about 15 to 20. We will see lol.

If anyone has any other suggestions feel free to email me at


Anonymous said...

when version 0.8 will release?

Azuza K said...

I honestly don't know, unfortunatly work does come before mod work lol. It will be at least a few more weeks.