Saturday, May 29, 2010

GP01 Full Verninan is complete!

So I have a completly new model in the game for GP01 as the last one was just a stand in (and it wasn't even correct now was it?). Also, I have just finished my model for Full Vernian. Now I know it's not 100% right (I have such a pain in the ass time with legs its not funny) but I am very proud of it. Here's a pic, it looks great in the game.

Now all I have to do is get GP02 in the game (not looking forward to THAT but I have found some really good sights with great pics to help me on making that model) and set up the design for that, and I'll be on to teir 4!  After that it's a quick jump to Teir 5 then off to fix SEEDs Artimis System, make a few quick changes to After War's system, do a quick rebalancing of all the units and discriptions, and the 8th alpha will be pretty much done.  Keep your eyes open, I'm shooting for a release sometime in the middle of June!


smoth said...

Looks good, I think you have made great progress in your modeling skills here.

Anonymous said...

Nice model, btw Is zeta, ZZ, Char Counter ATK, Unicorn, F91 will add to UC?