Sunday, October 3, 2010

Alpha 9b patch fix.

Here's the fix and a list of what we fixed.

The discriptions with the Scrin are fixed for their powers.

The NOD defenses have been made stronger.

The EF defenses have been made weaker, you now get fewer of them.

The EF forward base now has the proper image.

The EF supergundam now costs to activate the upgrade.

a few other basic balancing options have been done.


Anonymous said...

i saw some your comment on the other day you will add orb faction, can you give us some little teaser about orb?

Anonymous said...

does this patch inclued the "era limit" ?

that means you cant have more thean one gundam era...u fix that?

Azuza K said...

yes, you can only have 1 era with this patch.

Anonymous said...

sanx sooooo much! love ya!

Anonymous said...

3dsmax Texturing tutorial

Anonymous said...

how long does the next patch released (maybe alpha 10)?

Anonymous said...

We honestly won't be able to tell you. There are some things that we still need to work out on this one. Plus the nex thing we plan to move on to is gundam AW.

What we would like to know in terms of feed back in this Alpha is do you like the new defense setup that we placed in the game. How does the AI feel to you now for nod, GDI and scrin. Do you guys like the new UC set up in the game as well.

Anonymous said...

this will take a bit of time to i said before, gimme a week before i pronounce myself.

Azuza K said...

Thanks for the tutorial on texturing. I had figured out about half of that on my own, but that was very easy and straight forward. I will have to play around with it some, but that should hopefully make building models easier.

Anonymous said...

bug repport!:

the very last gundam of the UC,
the JEGAN, (the green guy with the bazoo)

this guy doesnt work properly, not only doesnt he show any attack animation, but he cant attack at all!!!


2nd bug:

in the seed era,
at the airfield, when build the "flying gundam",
if you try to attack with him, it doesnt work!
he cant attack ether!

thats all for bugs...for now^^

Live2Reap said...

All in all good patch from what I've played so far. I am sad to see my white base is no longer a useable unti though :(. It'd be nice if you got to keep the carrier too... I liked my mobile repair station(Balls are just too squishy to be effective sometimes)