Saturday, October 2, 2010

Xenoforce 9a Alpha released

Ok, so it's 6+ hours late, but it's done.  I would have posted up a nice long article telling you guys everything that's changed in this release, but I'm too fucking tired right now to give a shit.  So, I guess you'll just have to download it and try it out yourself.

I'll tell you this.  EVERYTHING has changed.  This mod is nothing like the last one.  SEED and AW are NOT balanced in this mod, I would not suggest using them.  UC may or may not be overpowered now, we rebalanced them but havn't tested any of the rebalancing (that's what we've been doing for the last 6 hours) so if they are we need to know.


Yawn, wow, I was up way too late last night lol.  BUT it was worth it.  Yes, the alpha 9 is out in the wild now, and quite a few of you have already jumped on it.  I can't wait to hear about your current experiences.

Ok, first up are the known bugs in alpha 9.  

The only 4 big ones that I have noticed are this.

If you use Justice Gundam or Freedom Gundam from SEED and they die they fire the wrong weapon.  Now instead of them going nucular they end up causing a liquid tiberium bomb explosion.  Needless to say, this isn't right or good for anyone lol.

GP01 Full Vernian mode doesn't seem to fire, so I would suggest not going into Full Vernian mode with GP01. 

The White Base is able to be dropped even though the team is already on the field, allowing a player to get more than 1 RX78. 

The Scrin powers have the wrong discriptions set up for them (how did that happen?). 

Those are the only 4 ones I've noticed so far.  The SEED one is a game buster IMHO, but again I don't suggest using seed right now unless your just wanting to look at it.  The balanced army is UC. (sorta balanced)  I will be releasing an update to the 9 alpha in a few days to fix these issues.

Now for the changes.


*Gernaders now randomly throw EMP Gernades

*Preditor Tank and Mammoth Tank now have 2 new upgrades avalible to them, the Rail Cannon Accelerator and the Adaptive Armor making them much tougher on the battlefield

*APC is now a bit cheaper

*A new Orca is now avalible to be built, the A10-Orca or SmokeStorm Orca.  Its equipped with a powerful gatling cannon and hellfire missles.  It does not need to go back to the airfield to reload.

*Juggernaught now has access to a different fire mode, the Urban Firemode.  It switches the cannons out for direct fire rail cannons.

*The Command Post now has the basic unit upgrades on it.

*The Space Port now grants a new power, the MCV Drop.  This will drop an MCV, 2 Preditors, and 2 mammoths to the battlefield.

*The Sonic Cannon now fires a longer range EMP based Sonic Blast.  It doesn't do much damage to vehicals but it does shut them down along with killing infantry instantly.  Also when you place one you get to place a second one for free.

*The AA Cannon now gives you 3 AA guns for free when you place it.

*The Watchtower now gives you 3 watchtowers for free when you place it.

*The Cannon Defense now gives you 2 Cannons for free when you place it.  

*The Firehawk now has 3 weapon outloads.  The Missle Mode fires off missles at enemy aircraft, the Carpet Bomb mode drops 10 bombs in a row that light the ground on fire for a few moments, and MOAB is a powerful single bomb that not only does massive damage but it also keeps the ground on fire for awhile.

*GDI's Commando is no longer buildable.  Instead, when you drop the Zone Troopers from the Space Center it will also drop a single Commando.  This removes the limit of 1 Commando on the field at a time as well.


*The NOD Avatar now has 3 upgrades that replace the original upgrades.  The Flame Thrower upgrade gives the Avatar a flamethrower, lowers the range on it's main beam weapon, but allows the Avatar to fire and move at the same time with both weapons.  The Missle Upgrade adds an anti-air rocket pod to the back of the Avatar, allowing the Avatar to target multiple targets at the same time along with attacking ground and air at the same time.  Finally, the Beam upgrade increases the range on the Beam and adds a 2nd Beam to the other arm.

*The Nod Avatar Prime keeps the all of the original upgrades that the Avatar had access too.  It also now spawns a repair drone allowing it to fix other units in the field.

*The NOD Venom has been lowered in cost.

*The NOD Vertigo Bomber is now the NOD Vertigo Fighter.  It now fires off missles at the enemies.  The Missles drop out and then gain speed as they lock in on their targets.  The Vertigo Fighter is best used in attack runs.  It does not have to go back to base to reload.

*The NOD Armageddon Bomber is now avalible to build.  The Armageddon Bomber drops 3 bombs, but the bombs are not very acurate.  Best used when you don't really care who gets hit as long as something gets hit.

*The NOD Scorpion Tank is slightly cheaper, and does not lose the main cannon when it gets the laser upgrade.

*The Shredder Turret now becomes good against both infantry and vehicles when the laser upgrade is done.  

*The Laser Turret now gains the ability to hit air and beomces stronger with the laser upgrade.

*The Nuclear Missle has been now moved to the Liquid Tiberium Research Facility.  It is deployed by a bomber and dropped onto the battlefield.  If the bomber is shot down before the nuke is dropped then the nuke does not go off.

*NOD now has a new super power dropped from the Temple of NOD.  This is the Liquid Tiberium Bomb.  What this does is drop a missle from space that no matter where on the battlefield it's dropped it will hit EVERYTHING on the battlefield, ally and enemy alike.  It does massive damage to anything tiberium based (effectivly killing all refinerys and harvesters on the field), and it also kills ALL infantry that is on the field that is not inside a building or APC.  When the bomb kills the infantry it has a good chance of turning the infantry units into Vicroids that will attack anyone that comes near them.  

*Nod Buggy now deploys 2 buggies when you buy one.

*Nod Attack Bike now deploys 2 bikes when you buy one.

*NOD's  Commando has been removed.  It has been replaced by a squad called Nod Elite Squad.  This squad consists of the Nods Commando and 2 Elite Confessors.  Each member of the squad has the ability to place the C4 charges.

*NOD's Obilisk has a stronger attack now, making it more valuable.

Scrin - 

OK, this is a bit different.  Scrin now have a different design all together.

Scrin can NOT build defenses now.  Instead, certain buildings build defenses when they are built for free.  The basic idea is that the barracks comes with Anti Infantry defense, the Warp Beacon comes with Anti-Aircraft, well, you get the idea.

The Scrin Defenses tab is now dedicated to a Generals Style Power tab.  There are 3 coloums each with 4 powers in them.  The Defense powers are L1 Personal Forcefields, L2 Infantry Mines, L3 Personal Blink Packs, and L4 Regenerative Armor.  The Offensive powers are L1 Tiberium Based weapons, L2 Mothership Research, L3 Rift Generator Research, and L4 Full Scale War equipment.  The final option changes many weapons to a different fire mode, or adds additional powers to the units.  The final powers are Tactical based.  L1 is Tiberium Vibration Scan, L2 is Phase Field (which now can be used on enemies or allies), L3 is Wormholes, and L4 is a Nightmare Pulse.  The Wormholes are now perminant, allowing the Scrin to set up tunnel networks all over the map (these can be shot and destroyed by ctrl fireing on them) and the Nightmare pulse basically forces all infantry to stop and hit the ground for a full minute.  They can still fire, and they are harder to kill in this mode.

*The Scrin Infantry now have acidic blood when they die, so running them over with a tank is a bad idea now

*The Mastermind has the ability to fire off Ion Storms now.

*The Gunwalker is now an infantry unit and not a structure.

*The Devistator Warship now fires Dark Matter bombs.  It has an extremly high reload rate, but a player can push the ship and also use a manual Dark Matter bomb power.

*The Planetary Assault Carrier now has 2 fire modes, the normal mode where it launches fighters or an assault mode where it keeps the fighters attached to it but fires powerful beam blasts at the ground from the ship itself.

*The Mothership is now called the Eye of the Storm.  An Ion Storm is constantly inside the ring of the ship, and with the proper powers being used with it it can also be equipped with extra armor and additional guns that will fire upon enemy air units.  

*The Harvester now can gain a shield.

*The Corruptor now is very useful as a healing unit.  If you tell it to force fire on another scrin unit it will actually heal them with its beam instead of doing damage.  It will also follow the unit around until you tell it to attack or move somewhere else.

*The Devourer Tank now fires a rolling partical attack.  With the proper upgrades it can also fire a concentraded tiberium beam inside the rolling partical attack.

*The Annihilator Tripod now has a pulse energy beam.  This beam is half as powerful as it's normal attack but it can hit air and ground.  Each of the 3 tenticals can be induvidually upgraded to the regular beam everyone is used to, allowing you to customize your Tripods.

*The Alien Explorer now has a completly unique roll.  Now they effect the atmosphere and cause Ion Storms to randomly appear and move around the map attacking enemy units.  These storms come and go with time.

*The Scrin now have a new AI option!  This AI is called the Xenoforce AI, and if you want them to use the power system you need to choose this AI.

Earth Federation -

*The Earth Federation now bring in all of their vehicles through ship drops.  A ship will fly in from off the map and drop the units onto the field.  

*The Default War Factory now has the ability to build a resource drop.  Every 2 minutes the ship will fly in and drop of resources to the player.

*The EF can now deploy a Nuclear Reactor for power.  These are very powerful, but if sold or destroyed they will go nuclear and explode.  BE VERY CAREFUL.  

*The EF player can build more Forward Bases now.

*To move to the UC timeline you simply have to build the UC High Command building.

- UC -

*The Gundams are now deployed as powers on the left.  These are free.

*The only requirements on units now is to be in the proper timeline.

*The Timelines are done through upgrades in the UC High Command.

*All units have been rebalanced.  I need you guys to tell me if you find anything to be overpowering.


Anonymous said...

t h a n k y o u .

Anonymous said...

i will give u guys a serious review in a week, gimme tme ^^

Tri-Edge94 said...

does this update have the new building designs in it?

Tri-Edge94 said...

can someone explain to me how to install this update .-.

Azuza K said...

Um, you just extract the files into the xenoforce directory in your mods folder. As for the buildings, yes, quite a few building models have been changed to ones that better represent what they are supposed to be.

Anonymous said...

when does seed fully playable?

Azuza K said...

October will be dedicated to fixing AW and getting them up to spec. November and December will be dedicated to SEED since they will take more work to do.

Anonymous said...

hello can you post some CnC3 modding tutorial? because i'm interested on modding CnC3 thanks

Tri-Edge94 said...

i go to start from the mod and it says "alpha 9a" but when i start playing the buildings r still the old ones

Azuza K said...

Tri, delete the files in the mod folder. Then extract all 3 files in the new .rar file into that directory. Finally, delete the 0.82a sdk file because that's for the old mod and wasn't supposed to be in there. That's what I would suggest, just to make sure that the old mod file is being over written.

Azuza K said...

I have been thinking about posting some tutorials on how to mod CNC3. I go to when I have a problem and need help finding a solution. I would suggest starting there for now.

Anonymous said...

bug report:

when i choose to build the barracks, it builds me a command center insteda (the thing to build stuff)

Azuza K said...

Thats not the barracks, that's actually the command center, I just have the wrong image on the button. The barracks only costs 500.

Tri-Edge94 said...

i deleted the alpha 8 file and it only shows the 9a when i start it up but still the old buildings no new ones

Azuza K said...

Recheck where your grabbing the file from then man. The alpha 9 should be sized as 219 megs unzipped, 51 megs zipped. If zipped up its only 47 megs then your downloading the wrong file.

Anonymous said...

thank for the barracks tip, i get it now!

but alpah9 is a bit weird,lol
i can play as seed and UC at the same time...odd...

Azuza K said...

That would be because I didn't put a block on the building, remember I suggested that you do NOT play SEED or AW. I will go in and fix that for the patch release tommorow. Thank you for telling me about that.

Anonymous said...

tomorrow then? ...alright! i ll definitely be there to try the patch out!! thanks for ur efforts...

Tri-Edge94 said...

ya its the right one zipped its 51.5 what am i doing wrong i unzipped it using winrar i went to C drive/user name/app data/roaming/CnC3/mods

Azuza K said...

Not all buildings have been replaced Tri, some are the same. Start the game and simply build a powerplant. If it's the old powerplant then IDK what's going on, if it's the new solar powered one then your good to go.

Tri-Edge94 said...

ok i finaly got it to work lol anywyas i noticed psycho gundam doesnt spawn it shows it on the map but its not there after it drops and u cant see it flying i havent tried the patch fix yet but thought id let u know