Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where the hell have I been and what the hell have I been doing?

Well will you look at that.  It's been almost a full month since my last post.  Where have I been? Well, here and there mostly.  We found a new bit of code that is letting us redo a part of the unit AI so that the units can now use the special powers that they are equipped with.  This is huge, it's a major step forward for our Zeon and (some) SEED ideas as without this little ability we would of had to redesign these things.  

Right now we are testing out these things on NOD, spicificly the changes to the Avatar that we have made (yes, we made new changes again.  But it's always for the better, I swear).  I will have to honestly say that after watching the latest AI vrs AI vrs AI (Scrin/GDI/NOD) that NOD just got that shot in the arm they needed by being able to upgrade their Avatars on the battlefield when the AI decides it wants it.  They still lost, but they came in 2nd where normally they were the first one out, so thats definatly something in my book.  Now if I could just figure out where the code is for when the AI decides what special powers it wants to use from the spellbook then we would be all set!  

Right then, what else.  Well, we're heading into Thanksgiving and Christmas which means less time to work on the mod and more time at work (I work retail, fun fun!).  Always happens this time of year you know?  And Dougs been busy with his own family as well, so things are going to be speratic for a bit.  I'm also looking at moving by the end of this month, so that will also cut into Mod work  time.  All of this means that the schedual I had planned on in October is going to be horribly missed.  Still, I hope to have the next version of the MOD out to you guys by Xmas week, if not sooner.  (I was aiming for thanksgiving but as I am only about 15% of the way through remodeling the mobile suits so that they can turn their waists and fire on the move properly that isn't going to happen.)  I may release something for thanksgiving week without the changes to AW or SEED, just a revamp of GDI/NOD/Scrin/EF(UC).  Think of it as an alpha 0.9b of sorts.  We'll see.  

Finally, if anyone has any suggestions they would like to make on the mod, Valherran started a thread in the MODDB Xenoforce Reborn forum section with a few suggestions.  I always enjoy reading what people like and what they think needs balancing so feel free to stop in and make a comment or suggestion of your own.  I will always respond (sooner or later lol) and I will definatly let you know if what your asking is either a good idea, worth trying, not possible from a coding standpoint, or just not what we're trying to accomplish and why.  At least I always give a reason. :)  

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