Saturday, January 22, 2011

OMG, he doesn't post here anymore! He left us for MODDB!

Not hardly lol. While it's true that I don't post here as often now that our MODDB page is up and running I have not forgotten about this page. In fact, I'm looking to change the reasoning behind this blog now that we have the MOD DB page, but I won't simply forget about it.

So what's this page going to be for going forward? Well, I don't always want to post every little "small" test update onto MODDB (why would I?) so people who look at this page will be able to get access to the mod before it appears on MOD DB. Also I plan on posting development pics here unlike MOD DB which will get in game pics only. Finally I will be posting different thoughts on the modding process in general on here going forward, hopefully once a week every Sunday night. This way it can be saw as a kind of "Developers Diary" but it will always be on a spicific topic.

So keep your eyes open for this Sundays post, I will be discussing the games AI, what I can do with it, what I've learned, and what you would like to see from it.


Anonymous said...

off topic:
ive just played your alpha 9c; the latest version, but i noticed i couldnt chose the seed nor the X timeline...only UC is playable, how's that?

i can see the icon, but it stays grey, ...why did u remove it? how do i play seed?

thanks for an answer

Azuza K said...

We removed SEED and AW from the latest release because we have told people many times that they were unbalanced and needed work, so to not ask us or tell us about bugs on those armies. However this did not seem to matter and we were getting a lot of people who were focusing on how overpowering or unbalanced these sides were.

So we removed them until we could get back to them to make them better. After this next release (which will have a working AI for UC if god helps me) we plan on working on AW. Then finally we're going to end at getting SEED back in with a complete re-design with new units and new abilities!

Anonymous said...

this is very good! ...thank you for this answer! im relived that it was on purpose,

my comment on the 9.c

*some animation attacks are not yet complete, but the redisigning is good, and the games feels much more balanced :)
bug notice:

when i chose the RX***
in the finale age (5)
it says prototype unit,
but i can build many more after i build my first one...thats not right...^^'

anyway, keep up the good job guys!

Azuza K said...

Lol, no problem. Yes, the RGZ91 says prototype but it's not, we're going to have it set up so you can have as many as you want. I need to go back in and change it's name string.