Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Xenoforce 0.9c released!

Yes, 3 days early in fact!  I was going to wait until Christmas Eve to release the mod but I remembered last month when I tried to do it on a specific day on MODDB and forgot that it takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for MODDB to actually post the mod for download from when I submit it.  That just won't do this time!  

So I present to you the link to the latest and greatest update to the Xenoforce Reborn project to date.  The 0.9C.  Have a merry christmas guys!


Anonymous said...

what's change in this version?

Azuza K said...

Just a quick rundown on all the changes and/or known issues to this update. There have been many so I will probably forget much of what I've done in the last month.

Most EF units can now turn their waists and will fire upon the enemy while moving. There are still some that won't, most notably would be the artillery units.

Many weapons have been rebalanced to try and make them work closer to what they are supposed to be.

Almost all EF defenses have had an overhaul on their models and weapons.
The EF Air units now actually have a roll on the battlefield. EF gets 4 spicific air units, the Core Fighter, Core Booster, Core Bomer, and G-Defenser.

Added in the Stark Jegan and Armored Jegan. The normal Jegan has been removed due to coding issues.

Added in the Powered GM to timeline 3.

Fixed many messed up descriptions.

Added EXP system to almost all of the units. The basic vehicles and air units do not gain exp yet.
each unit gains different bonuses through the EXP system. Some become faster, some stronger, and some can see farther. The bonus's directed to the units are based on what kinds of units your dealing with.

PsycoGundam still sucks. It still comes in on the bottom left corner of the map. Working on it, can't figure out why that one summon won't work right where all the other ones do.

Jegan models are a little too big, need to be made smaller/other models made a bit larger.

There are many other changes, I just can't remember them as I've done so much between releases. But those are the major ones. Few new units, balancing issues resolved, and you get more useage from the suits (IE them being able to fire while retreating is very useful, or attack while moving.)

Anonymous said...

i found a bug
when the command center gets destroyed and u rebuild it u get access to some of the summmons

it got destroyed when i was at lvl3 and after i rebuild it i was able to summon everything except psvco gundam

fehrenbacp1 said...

just played the new version and im having fun but not use to the new defenses yet

Azuza K said...

Hmmm, thought I quashed that bug on the last release. I will definatly look into it again, thanks.

fehrenbacp1 said...

i found another bug or it just may be me but the RGZ91 in waverider form is more durable than in the ms form

Reggie said...

Hello !

I used to play the Command & Conquer General Version of Xenoforce MOD, I really liked it because there were some unit from the macross anime series.

Won't there be any of these in that new MOD for C&C 3 ?

Great work by the way ! :)

Azuza K said...

Macross is not currently schedualed for a release in this mod. We are instead looking at Robotech for a number of reasons.

However we are not saying Macross will NOT come to this mod, simply that if someone wants it that they will need to post some very spicific reasoning for us to do it. There is a thread on MODDB/Xenoforce Reborn that go's over all of this. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter too.