Sunday, February 20, 2011

Almost done balancing.

Whew, a full week and I'm still messing with this stuff? What am I, lazy?

Well, yea, but that's not the point.

It's actually a lot harder doing this than you may think, but I think I'm almost done with it. The major issue on the EF side wasn't just redescribing all the units and rebalancing their health/weapons/armor/cost but modifing the Experence System and it's bonus's.

What we're doing with the EF leveling is different than your typical unit when it lvls. Each lvl a unit gains a spicific bonus in any number of key areas. This could be anything from 10% health and armor boosts per level to gaining new weapons and abilities. Something we're looking to do spicificly for Gundam X is that the Gundam X unit will not be able to fire it's Sat Cannon until it reach's level 4.

So this has taken me a lot longer to do than I expected. Still, I'm almost done, now all I have to do are the Command class units (RX78, Nu Gundam, the like).

Now I'm sure your going "Command Class?" Yes, there are 5 class's of units. These are

  • Command
  • Elite
  • Troop
  • Fast Attack
  • Heavy Support

Looks familiar if your a warhammer 40k fan doesn't it? This is how it will break down.

A command class unit is a very unique unit to see on the battlefield. These units are unique, meaning you'll only ever see one of them out there at a time. This could be because they are so expensive to produce that only one or two were ever made or becuase it's a special charecter unit. Command units also have access to many special powers or upgrades, making them even stronger on the battlefield if a player invests in them.

An Elite unit is a specialtist unit. It fills a very spicific roll on the battlefield, and is very good in this roll. They are more expensive because of this, and if you send them off to do a job they're not designed to handel they will not come out on the winning end. Sometimes they even have access to one or two special powers.

A Troop class unit is a frontlines unit. They don't normally have special powers to activate, but they are well balanced and cheap units. They can fill a number of different rolls depending on the situation.

Fast Attack units are units that have given up armor and health for speed. They are ment for hit-and-run tactical attacks. They can be expected to get the first hit in in a battle, but are not designed for prolonged exposure to enemy fire.

Heavy Support units are the big monster units you see on the battlefield. Sometimes slow, always heavily armored and equipped with powerful weapons, these guys are great fire support units. However, they are also very costly.

So thats how things break down here and thats what I've been working on. I've also been working on making certain types of weapons more unique. This is how that chart is breaking down.

  • Gun - Machine Gun type weapons, typically used for anti-infantry usage.
  • Grenade - Grenades are great anti-infantry weapons, doing decent blast damage and used to clear buidlings.
  • Cannon - Kenetic based weapon, strong vrs vehicles.
  • Missiles - Rocket based damage, small blast radius but strong impact power.
  • Rockets - Rocket based damage, larger blast radius than missiles but the blast damage is gernade based.
  • Beam - Beam based weapons are typically used by Mecha, they are high damage output with long reload rates.
  • Laser - Beam based weapons, typically low damage but fast reload rates.
  • Indirect Artillery - Cannon/Rocket based, does an even number of points of each in damage and has a high blast radius.
  • Direct Artillery - Cannon/Grenade based, does high kenetic damage and decent blast radius damage.
  • Flamethrower - Beam/Grenade cross weapon. The funnel effect is grenade based, but the center line of fire is low damage beam based.

So instead of 5 different types of weapons we now have 10. Makes things a bit more interesting doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I saw your awesome mod and I'd like to ask a little favor.

you see, I'm also creating a mod (not C&C3 or generals) and I'm making a Gundam DX based on mix match models.

I need your DX's microwave wings, microwave fins, shield and beam rifle.... please help me. I cant seem to find any 3D model related to it and I can only find yours.

here is my FB link!/profile.php?id=100001146147088

Azuza K said...

Well, first of all, you would have a better chance of getting help if you actually had a login name and not an anonymous request.

I don't go to facebook or have an account, so I can't see your link there either.

Finally I was given that model by someone for use in this mod and I can not in good faith give it to someone else.

However, if you need a Nu Gundam you could always take the Hi-Nu gundam from the Generals Xenoforce mod and edit that for what you need. The original Xenoforce mod maker made all of his source code and models avalible to be used on his web site. That is how this mod was started.

sovietlil said...

trying to memorize my pass the other day... I've forgotten

sovietlil said...

well.... I have other Gundam models, but not the DX and GX

I have lots more... tell me if youre interested

Azuza K said...

Um, those links don't go anywhere, I think they are too short/incomplete. I would love to look at your work. Also, I will send the person who gave me the model an email and ask him if it's ok to give to you, that's about the best I can offer.

Azuza K said...

Ok, looked at the pics finally. So, um, what is the game your doing? What type of game? Looks interesting.

As far as my DX model go's, when you first asked for it I thought you wanted my Nu Gundam. Lol.

The DX model is free online. It's part of the original Xenoforce mod. You can get it online, just look for it. It's easy enough to find.

Anonymous said...

lol... forgot my pass again...

these are mods that has been created by the "Ultimate knight Windom XP" modding community. most of the models are downloaded free from a chinese 3D model website

Azuza K said...

So your wanting the model to put into this Windom XP game? I'm just trying to understand what the situation is.

Anonymous said...

yeah, like that

Anonymous said...

its okay now... some dude gave me a DX model from DWG2. thanks anyway