Sunday, March 27, 2011

Balancing, a tricky situation.

Anyone can say "This is unbalanced, you should fix it." But actually going through and making changes to exsisting forces is not as easy as it sounds. For one, your opinion and my opinion of what a unit should be could be entirely different things, so when I say "I fixed this" you may go "It didn't need fixing".

I bring this up because right now Doug and I are working on rebalancing the entire CNC3 game, from ground up, with our own designed system. This is very important because the current game system works as follows.

There are 5 different armor types. Gun, Sniper, Grenade, Rocket, and Cannon. We are wanting to change it to Gun, Grenade, Rocket, Cannon, Beam, Flame, Missile, Laser, Rail, Mega Partical. A big difference thats for sure. But look what else we have done. We went from having 60% of the armor types dealing with infantry to 30%, just this one change makes the game shift from an infantry focus to a vehicular focus which, in all honesty, is what it should be right?

We may go even farther and add Plasma based versions of the weapons to the game as well. That would expand it even further. All of these new weapon types of course lead to a huge issue with balancing. The idea is to give players even more control over their armies and more depth to the game. Do you build the units that are spicificly designed to deal with your enemys super units or do you build the slightly weaker yet universally better units? Do we make the Scrin Shields effective against kenetic types of weapons only, or make them good universally? If we do make them kenetic only shields, what does that mean for GDI who's weapons are mostly kenetic based?

Ah, your starting to see our issue. As such, I want to let everyone know that there will be many changes going on with the balancing, so be prepaired for a lot of "fun" changes. We're trying to make things better, but if we go too far thats what your comments are for. Don't be afraid to say something, the worst we'll say is "no" right?

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ยรรยง มงคลจันทร์ said...

for 0.9D
earth federation mobile suits are too weak. and the new AI for 3 side are too hard.
The solar power plant can not upgrade and too easy to destroy.