Sunday, March 6, 2011

The next step on the mod

So now that we're almost at the next release of the mod, which will only contain UC (sorry SEED/AW fans) it's getting to be close to the time to look at what the future holds for the Earth Federation. I've been watching Gundam a lot recently trying to get new sound effects and some things have come to my attention.

UC, SEED, and AW will play very different from each other. It's almost not fair to group them all under the banner of Earth Federation. Almost lol. They will share a lot of the same basic buildings, but the more advanced buildings will be different and allow for unique feeling armys and not "cookie cutter" versions of the same army.

UC's design is based around building a wall and holding off your enemies until you have built a big enough force to go and attack. Normally if their line starts to fall then there is little you can do to stop it, but cracking that wall is a tough challenge to say the least. They have a nice mix of beam and kenetic weapons, with a heavy focus early game on artillery units.

The plans for AW are still solid, which means we know what we're going to be doing and we know how we are going to do it. Finally, we know how to do it (I think lol) so it should be VERY VERY interesting to see it come together. The AW force will be based around units. They don't have a large selection of units, but they can expand their bases rapidly and their basic units are also able to be produced rapidly early game. Late game they can switch over to an advance "Gundam" unit setup allowing them to be the army that can truly field a large "Gundam" army. Also the AW side will have access to the "Newtype Training Facility" allowing the players to build very expensive but much more powerful and quicker "Elite" units instead of having to level the units up to gain the experience. Finally AW will have access to DOME for their main defense.

Finally we have SEED. Seeds design again will be different from the other armies. Where UC focus's on defenses and AW focus's on massive unit rush's SEED will focus on specialty units. A lot of units will have a spicific roll on the field or a special ability that makes them unique. For example, you will have units that focus on firepower like the Dopplehorn Daggers, or units that foucs on kenetic resistance with Phase Shift armor like the Strike Gundam. Finally, where SEED will be very different, is that you will get a choice at some point to choose an ally. This will work from the spellbook, you either choose to research ORB as your ally or Blue Cosmos. Depending on who you choose will unlock different powers and units. ORB will give you access to an airport building giving you access to their vast arsenal of transformable mobile suits along with allowing you to call in the Archangel with the Justice and Freedom gundams. Blue Cosmos will give you access to their powerful mobile armors like the Destroy Gundam. Yea, things will definatly hit the fan when you move 4 destroy gundams out onto the battlefield (assuming I can get a model/make a model that will fill the roll of course).

So thats' our plans in a very limited nutshell. We have other ideas that we plan to implement that will continue to make these 3 sides feel alike and yet vastly different. After this release I plan on moving on to AW next, so here is hoping that I don't have to go back and do anything drastic to fix UC after this release right?

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