Sunday, September 4, 2011

A lesson learned well years ago

So the mod survived another HD failure, thats a releif. As many of you may or may not know the version of the mod that we have out there today is NOT the same version we started on. I'm not talking about a "redesign", I mean it's completly different.

The original attempt at Xenoforce Reborn started with us adding Zeon to the game. If you look back far enough you can actually find pictures on the blog of our first attempt. Then, as in now, the MOD work came to a screetching halt due to a HD failure. But unlike then this time the HD just gave up a few bad clusters and unlike then this time we've got a backup.

Yep, I back everything up when I do a major release onto an external HD and to another computer that is at my sisters house. I also back everything up when I do a minor update / test update for Doug to try. Thankfully this HD crash happened the DAY after I sent something to Doug so the only thing I could have lost was adding a sensor upgrade to the RGC80.

But that didn't even happen. After running some repair tools and stress testing the HD it appears that it's back in working order, so now we've dodged another bullet and are back to adding AW into the game. I have 2 more upgrades to add in for UC and then I can start actually working on adding AW models into the game.

I just hope the AI doesn't freak out over this design.


Vega said...

When do you think you'll finally have the mobile suits back into the mod?

Azuza K said...

I will have something for you guys in the first week of October, I want the next release to have aw in it as well.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait. I have a question about the Psycho Gundam squad. Why does it come with 3 purple MK-IIs? I was watching the movies of Zeta and I didn't see them.


Azuza K said...

Those puprle RX178's are just regular RX178's. Their original color scheme when they were built for the Titans was Purple so I changed their colors to match this.

That team is the RX178 Team in the new update and you get 1 RX178-0 Prototrype (the black one), 3 RX178's (the purple ones as 3 were originally built), and 1 Fully Armored RX178 (a total bad ass). It's a very effective team. I've updated the pic on the drop and removed all mention of Psyco Gundam from that drop. If I ever get a Psyco Gundam model I probably would put it back in.