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The story of the Scrin - Origins

Below is my story explaining where the Scrin and the oldest Queen of the Scrin, the Matriarch, came from. This is pure fiction as there is no proof in ANY of EA's information about the history of the Scrin. This history starts 100,000 years before the events in Xenoforce:Reborn.

The Matriarch - The Origin of the Scrin

Like many advanced civilizations the Scrin were not always what they once were. In fact for the majority of their time on their home world they were not even considered the dominant species. They were little more than dumb creatures used to hunt other animals by the dominant species of the planet called the Anoi.

The Anoi were a powerful sentient race who used the fact that they were the only sentient race on their planet to mold the planet to their own needs and purposes. They were tall creatures, standing on average at 9 feet tall, with grey tough skin and small blue eyes. They were bipedal, with 6 fingers on each hand, and had smooth, simple features. Theirs was a race that perfectly melded technology and ideology together forging a society that valued obedience and intelligence over personal choice. The Anoi Civilization had 4 major nations spread across their world, and as with all sentient beings these nations would fight among each other over differences of opinion and beliefs.

The Scrin however were vastly different. The Scrin of this age typically walked on 4 legs like a dog. They were strong, stocky built creatures with hard carapaces that were bread for war and protection. They were hard to domesticate, featuring an instinctive nature to group together and run in packs. Those Scrin who could not be domesticated were hunted for sport.

If it wasn't for a random act of fate the Multi-verse would be a vastly different place. One day a meteor fell onto the planet. This meteor was made of pure Tiberium, a substance that was an unknown at the time. It broke apart as it entered the planets atmosphere and hundereds of shards of Tiberium fell onto the planet signing the planets doom before anyone knew what was going on. Soon the great nations of the Anoi gathered together and started researching the alien substance. They found that it was an amazing source of power but it was also very toxic causing uncontrollable mutations in anything it touched. Because of this the Anoi began searching their planet for all sources of the substance. Left unchecked it would destroy the planet, and this could not be allowed.

However there was more going on here than the Anoi realized. The Scrin, being a violent and territorial creature, were also very curious. In the remote northern reaches of the Western Provence a pack of Scrin came upon the tiberium and started to eat the substance. Where other creatures that came in contact with the substance became violently ill and died soon after exposure the transformation within the Scrin was amazing. They started to mutate, gaining increased intelligence as they consumed the Tiberium.

Soon there were reports coming in from all over the world of unusually aggressive Scrin attacks on the outskirts of Anoi cities. Some reports claimed that entire Tiberium Hunting parties were wiped out by a single Scrin while others claimed an unusually high level of cunning being deployed by the Scrin, even going as far as to suggest that the Scrin were setting up ambush's against the Anoi. It did not take long for the Anoi to figure it out. The Scrin around the world were protecting the Tiberium deposits that the Anoi were not able to get to fast enough and the Tiberium was spreading.

It was around this time that the Matriarch appeared on the planet. Weither it was born or it was a unique mutation in the Scrin none can say, but the effect of the Matriarch was devistating. The first true Queen of the Scrin, the Matriarch was able to communicate with all other scrin across the globe turning these wild, savage creatures and teaching them how to communicate, how to focus, and how to build a society of their own. The Anoi could not believe what they were seeing happen around them. Their own planet was changing, evolving, and it appeared that they were no longer going to be the dominant race. They fought back with their technology and ideology comming together for the first time as a single people. No longer would they fight amoung themselves. Now there was a common enemy that would devour them if something was not done. The Scrin must be eliminated. Across the four nations the extermination of the Scrin began starting with those that were domesticated as they could no longer be trusted. Military forces began purging the country side killing any Scrin that they came across.

The Matriarch was outraged by such an act. She called to her children and began fighting back. Small battles took place across the globe with the Scrin making the Anoi pay in blood for their lost brothers and sisters. The Matriarch called for the most intellegent of the Scrin to gather to her and began what has become known as the Symphony of the Void. These scrin linked their minds with her and she gave them each the gift of induviduality. This first batch of "Formen" were given control over sertain sections of the world and given leave to do as they felt nessisary to insure the survival of the species.

Still the war raged on. As the days turned to months and the months turned to years the Scrin continually increased in numbers as the Tiberium infected the planet at a steady rate. The Anoi however were having trouble increasing their numbers in this situation and were relying on more and more advanced technology to help them win. 4 years after the beginning of the war the Anoi launched their first Orbital Battleship. This massive weapon allowed the Anoi to travel into space and then assault ground targets from above, a tactic that the Scrin had little hope of countering. In a desprate move one of the formen of the Scrin made a raid on an Anoi Manufacturing plant, crushing the plants defenders and a swarm of Scrin Buzzers and capturing it for the Scrin. This turning point introduced the Scrin to advanced technology which allowed them for the first time to stand on equal footing with the Anoi.

However the massive rush that the Anoi expected from this development never came. The Scrin used this new technology to

keep the Anoi at bay, never using it in an offensive manner. In fact the Matriarch determined that this would not be nessisary for as fas as she was concerned the Scrin had already won. Soon the Anoi came to a sullen realization. The Scrin were not attacking the Anoi they were simply distracting them. With the war raging there was no time or resources avalible to spend combating the incroaching Tiberium. By the time the Anoi realized this it was already too late and the Tiberium was killing of them at a quicker rate the the Scrin.

A short 3 years later the last of the Anoi gathered together in their most advanced and powerful battle ship and launched into space looking to escape the planet and live elseware. The Scrin let them go, their time would come soon enough. They now had unrestricted access to the planet, all of the Anoi's technology, and a vast quantity of Tiberium which they were becoming ever more reliant on. The Matriarch began looking to the stars. The Scrin would always remember how they were treated and the gift that the stars had given them. One day they would head out into space and finish the Anoi but first she wanted the Scrin to regain their strength and build their own new society. It would be more fun to crush the Anoi this way.


UltraKiroXei said...
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UltraKiroXei said...

The Matriarch! That doesn't seem to refer for Scrin < this is not a Alien vs Predator story >:(. The matriarch doesn't control Scrin. Only the Ichor(Tiberium) with the relay Node can make the Scrin Survive unless they could. And only the true Scrin Leader is the Overlord. I got this reason that Matriarch isn't the highest rank. You can still take a look at the Scrin Faction:

Azuza K said...

The Matriarch does not control the Scrin. The Matriarch is not even relevant to the current form of the Scrin. The Matriarch is the oldest Scrin "Queen".

When I say Queen I do not mean like in Aliens. The Queen with the Scrin work differently, they would be considered the leaders of the Scrin but not in any direct way. All Queens gather in a single location mentally and are a single entity while together. When needed the Queen can "dispatch" themselves into individual identities to go out and deal with situations that the Scrin Formen can not handle.

Formen always have their own individual identities and have typical life spans. Queens are immortal as they are able to move their consciousness between bodies that the Scrin genetically manipulate to be hosts. When not needed the Queens gather together in a form of "higher plane" and lead the Scrin people. Queens can be killed when they are destroyed while inside a body, keep that in mind.

The Matriarch is simply the first queen. The player in the game is something new, between the war that they are losing with the Invid and the many different levels of military power on Earth the Queen Mind has determined a true "Military Commander" is needed to deal with the situation. This is the ground basis behind the Scrin Upgrade system, the upgrades that the MC can choose from should be looked at like different queens vying for favor with the commander and offering different levels of help.

As for the "Only the Ichor with the relay Node can make the Scrin Survive" thats total nonsense. The Scrin obviously exsisted before they found Tiberium. My story for the Scrin not only explains where they came from but how they started on their path of traveling the stars. It also explains how they became reliant on Tiberium for survival without even realizing it. Without it the Scrin traded their freedom from Tiberium for reliance to the substance and intelligence.

I've looked at the wiki info on the Scrin. EA's Scrin will not work for our story. The idea of "They were just a mining force" is retarded on so many different levels it's not funny. So what if 100,000 years ago the Scrin were stupid animals? The fact is they overcame their limitations and were able to become something extraordinary because of Tiberium, something so powerful and dangerous that even a technologically advanced race at the beginning of the Scrin story were not able to deal with. If these creatures back then could not handle the Scrin then what hope do the forces of Earth have?

Simply put, if it wasn't for the side pressure from the Invid in our story the Scrin would have no trouble dealing with Earth.

As for the Overlord, if you want to think of the "Commander" as the Overlord thats your prerogative. However you need to keep in mind that there are many different Queens. Those that are dealing with our story are :

The Matriarch
The Collector
The Traveler
The Reaper
The Protector

These are the 5 Individual Queens that are in use across the Scrin Empire.