Sunday, April 13, 2008

And it starts

Today the first true step has been taken in the Xenoforce mod.  Today, we sucsessfuly got the Zaku 2 into the game!  Here are some photos of the Zaku with some of his friends in the game!  


Also I would like to take this moment to comment on some things that I have heard in the CnC3 modding community latley.  A lot of good mods are moving on to working on the expansion pack of CnC3, Kains Wrath.  I want to say that as of right now none of us working on this mod have any intentions of moving
our mod to Kains Wrath.  So to all of you who are out there who don't own or don't wish to own the expansion do not worry, this mod will be sticking with you!

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