Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Xenoforce Mod for CnC3

Well, here we are people!  This is the location where I'll be putting all of the work/information that we have for this new Command and Conqure 3 mod!  Some of you may remember the Xenoforce Mod for Command and Conqure: Generals Zero Hour and if you do I'm sure you know what potential the mod had and how it failed horribly.  From unbalanced units and unrealistic stats to a game engine that crashed repeatedly, it made many of us cry.  

Fear not though, what we are working on is taking this mod to the next level with an engine change!  The Command and Conqure 3 engine is much more stable and to be honest makes the models look much nicer!  So, here we are, the first post.  I shall be posting photos in later to show where we are after a single week of work!

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