Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alpha 8 will be out soon!

Well, not a lot of work has been done on the game this past week, but that was to be expected.  Starting this thursday night I will be on vacation and will be able to devote most of my time this week and next week to getting the 8th alpha out for everyone to enjoy.  

We're putting a lot of work into this, adding and updating new models, getting special powers and abilitys in play, in all getting the mod into a good state.  I would dare say we're almost done with the Earth Federation by the end of this next week (as far as units and gameplay go's, not as far as balancing, animations, upgrades, and abilities).  I know it may seem to early to talk about the 9th alpha when the 8th isn't really out yet, but the 9th won't be as big of a jump in features as the 8th has been, so hopefully after this it won't take as long to get to the next set. 

I'll keep everyone posted!  Keep your eyes open.


Anonymous said...

Whoaaa Nice work, waiting for release

Anonymous said...

Cool!!!, why didn't you upload preview for 0.8? I want to see it!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this mod include gundam wing and destiny gundam?

Anonymous said...

if ur question is does it have suits from Gundam Wing and Seed Destiny then yes, but only a few suits like freedom, strike, justice, and infintejustice, strikefreedom, wingzero customed, and deathsyth hell

Azuza K said...

The mod will not currently be having Gundam Wing units in it. We originally were going to place Project Meteor and Gundam Wing units into the game as a final point type deal but have since changed the design and removed that from the game.

If we can get our hands on the other Gundam Wing models (we have Wing Zero Customed and Deathscyth Hell) we may look at putting them back into the game in some way, but at the moment/alpha 8 release they will not be in the game.