Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alpha 82B

Ok, just a quick update. After Alpha 82A came out I started getting a lot of weird things popping up in my games. Namely, units would take enough damage to die but wouldn't die! What the hell?

So this here is mostly a patch to that, to fix the invulnerable unit issue. I think it should take care of the problem, if not let me know and I will try to duplicate the issue again.

Also, 1 other change has happened from alpha 82a that's in here. We have removed the cost from almost ALL spellbook powers for the GDI, NOD, and Scrinn. In fact, the only power we did keep a cost on was the Scrinn Mothership. Why? Well, to be honest, it didn't make much since to me. Why would I have to pay to get the, say, orca to fire it's sensor pod when I've already payed to have it built and paid to have it upgraded to use the power.

What ends up happening is that the game becomes MUCH more interesting. You can hold off and fire the powers whenever you want, or you can use them to your advantage. Fire the Radar Jamming Missle, followed by the decoy army power, drop some mines while your opponent can't see what's going on, and then stealth your real army all for free! What it ends up doing is opening up the powers for players to use them tactically instead of "Oh, I don't have cash cause I'm buying units, I'd like to use that power but I really never get to" type things.

Enjoy the fix, I know it made my game much more interesting and enjoyable. (nothing is a bummer like seeing 3 scrinn tanks become invinvible and walk into the GDI base, getting pounded, but nothing stops them)

Oh, and barring any more game breaking bugs, this should be the last actual downloadable update for awhile.

Mediafire Link - Alpha 82B


Anonymous said...

Good job thanks

Anonymous said...

hello... i have some question about AW cuz i love gundam x , are AW unit just in EF? how about zeon? is frost brother(virsago, astaron) sided with ZEON?

smoth said...

The frost brothers never really side with anyone. Only the side they are currently interested.

if you knew ANYTHING about gundam x you would know the frost brothers DETEST newtypes and since zeon likes newtypes, the frost brothers would hate them and likely work against them.

Anonymous said...

I know this is way off topic from everyone else's posts, but have you ever thought of making this mod also for Red Alert 3? I've been playin it a lot lately, and i just thought that this game's particular style of graphics would suit this mod very nicely. I don't know if you've thought about it or considered it, but i think it would be very cool it you could do a conversion of this mod for RA3