Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alpha 82a, a few changes, and a new naming scheme

Ok, so I've listened to everyone on the Mod mini-updates vrs. major updates and almost everyone I've talked to said they want fewer, larger updates. So that's what we will do. Who says we don't listen?

Now, however, as I already have this done, I want to put out a mini-update to the alpha 8. This doesn't add or change anything really to EF, but it does re-work the original armies some to make them work better.

Changes to EF -

Artimis Shield has new special effect (Used one of the Scrinn Shields) and is much stronger now.

Changes to GDI-

Cranes can now build defenses.
GDI BattleBases now get an upgrade to their weapons when the Rail Cannon upgrade is done, their 2 main cannons become Rail Cannons.
GDI Sonic Emmiters now get an upgrade to the damage they put out when the Rail Cannon upgrade is done.

Changes to NOD-

Cranes can now build defenses.
NOD Scorpion Tank now gets stealth, it also keeps it's original cannon when it gets the laser upgrade.
NOD Venom Tank now gets stealth.
NOD Raider Buggies now get stealth.
NOD gets a semi-new unit, the Avatar Prime. It's basically the Avatar with all of the upgrades already on it for a high cost.
NOD defenses are upgraded now when the laser upgrade is done. The Shredder turrets deal a great deal more damage, and the laser turrets deal more damage and can hit air.

Chagnes to Scrinn-

Foundry can now build defenses.
Storm Rider now does not require a landing pad while in the air, allowing you to build as many as you want from a single airpad.
Storm Riders are now cheaper.
Planetary Assault Carrier now has a weapon on it for defense.
Motherships limit of 1 has now been removed, allowing you to build as many as you want. The rebuild timer has been reduced to 50 seconds.
The Armor on all Scrinn units have been increased, apparently EA had them set to paper thin armor levels. WTF?

Here's the mod.

Also, after this next alpha (Alpha 9) we will be switching over to a new naming scheme. From that point on the alpha after 9 will be named Alpha 0.010A and go from there.


Anonymous said...

Is Zeon faction in 0.9?

Azuza K said...

No, Zeon will not be ready by alpha 9. After Alpha 9, which finally puts SEED the way we truly want it in the game along with most mobile suits being able to fire while moving (hopefully) and gaining experience while fighting, we will be looking at hopefully going to another army.

What army? We've been discussing it and at the moment I don't want to say as things are definatly subject to change. It could be Zeon, it could be Macross, or it could be that infamous 3rd army that we havn't really talked about.

Drop me a line and let me know what you want.

smoth said...

I still want to know why you guys are bothering to balance scrin etc. Why not just lock them out?

Azuza K said...

We are doing it for a few reasons.

1 we need an ai to test against
2 we may keep them in, its easier to do that take them out and if people want them then why not.
3 its easy to change the stats on the exsisting armies.

Anonymous said...

Please let scrin playable, many faction available will be more fun

smoth said...

I don't really like the idea of the cnc3 factions vs gundam stuff but it is your project.