Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pics of GDI

And now we have pics of the new GDI.  GDI is different from NOD and the Scrin in that they are more about structure and control than mindless chaos or total destruction. 

In the first pic you see that we replaced the Orca Strike with a Firehawk Strike instead, no big deal I just thought it made more sense to have firehawks than orcas.  Also the bombs they drop are the same bombs as their Carpet Bomb attack (except not in a row) so you know it's gonna kill pretty much whatever it hits.

The next pic is of the new Orca Stormsmoke unit.  GDI really needed an aircraft that didn't always have to go back to base to reload, so we outfitted this Orca with dual 45mm cannons and let her loose.  It does pack a nice punch against vehicals and strucures, and it can defend itself against air units for a short time, but it isn't very accurate when firing at infantry.  

In the final pic you see one of the Preditors new upgrades, the Missle Pod.  This is a simple add-on that lets the Preditor hit air units and pack a bit more punch against vehicals and structures.

A few changes you don't see here in the pics is an MCV drop, that lets the player call in for 2 mammoth and 2 preditor tanks along with a MCV for free, along with the MOAB attack that the Firehawks can get and the new Carpet Bomb attack they get.  So don't let these pics fool you, GDI got just as many new toys to play with as NOD and the Scrin got.


teamwindom00 said...

great pics!thanks for showing!

how about the seed mod?
what are the feature for gundam so far?

and: when will you guys release your next version?(alpha)

Mal027 said...

Your MOD is becoming more and more epic man. Keep up the good work.

Will the original factions [GDI/NOD/SCRIN] have any new units that match up to Gundams? I recall in the original Xenoforce mobile suits destroyed..well pretty much everything haha.


Azuza K said...

Thanks guys.

teamwindom00 - The Seed section of the mod is comming along well, we have almost all the models done in one fashion or another, so while it will be time consuming to put them in we're almost ready to start that process.

Mal027 - We have a strict policy on the old sides, and that's simply not to put new units into the game. While we kind of bend that rule time to time (Orca A-10 "Stormsmoke" and Avatar Prime) we've not yet fully broken it nor do I intend to. We are hoping that once everything is balanced out that our changes to the original armies will allow them to stand a chance against the new forces. Notice I say a chance, because while I don't see a Mammoth tank being able to take on Nu-Gundam I can see Nu-Gundam getting into trouble if it ran up against 3 or 4 fully upgraded Mammoths. If we REALLY need to add new units in, we may look at it at a later point, but for now no, there are no new units in the original sides.

Anonymous said...

any plan on release?

if not, what can we do to help?

Anonymous said...

could xenoforce reborns add gundam00 era???please...?