Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some pics from the new NOD

And now for some pics from NOD.  First we have the new Avatar designs.  Instead of ripping the weapons off of perfectly good units to make themselves arguably better we have the upgrades as just that, upgrades on each individual unit.  You can upgrade to the Flamethrower Avatar, which gives it a nifty new red paint job along with the ability to fire both the flamer and the beam cannon on the move, the dual beam cannon upgrade that gives him 2 powerful inter-firing weapons for tougher targets, or finally the missle upgrade that adds a missle pod to it's sholder and lets the Avatar deal more damage to it's foes in the great blue skies.

Then we have a pic of the Armageddon Bomber.  We changed things up a bit here, turning the Vertigo Bomber into a fighter jet and moving the Armageddon Bomber from support unit to buildable unit.  It's bombs are also slightly different.  The Armageddon Bomber is anything but accurate, so it drops many slow moving bombs out the back that kind of scatter as they hit the ground.  Kind of a shotgun bomber if you will.

Then we have the new Elite Infantry squad.  I say new, because technically it is new, but really it's just the NOD Commando with 2 Confessors.  However the unit still works like the old commando did in that they can plant bombs and blow up buildings, but they are more effective now against infantry and vehicals. 

On this final pic you may be wondering what your looking at.  Well, we gave NOD back it's Liquid Tiberium Doomsday Bomb, and when NOD drops it EVERYTHING on the map gets hit.  The only way to hide from this thing is to be in a building or bunker, it's that effective.  It doesn't do any real damage to vehicals or buildings, but it does massive damage to Tiberium based units and structures, pretty much destroying all Refinerys on the map.  Also, it has the side effect of killing all infantry units off and causing Vicroids to spawn.  We wanted it to be Muntant squads, but I just couldn't get it to work, so in the end I just went back to the Vicroids.  Honestly, it's pretty cool to see happen, but it REALLY SUCKS when it happens to you.  What this means is if your playing a map with a NOD player be prepaired to try and kill that Temple of NOD as soon as you see it, otherwise things could get all sorts of messy.

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