Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sundays post on Saturday? Weird.....

Yea, last weeks update was late, this weeks early, don't you love it?

I posted earlier this week the new GDI tech tree and the response has been more positive than negative, but I was surprised by the number of emails I received from friends worried about us working on this aspect of the mod. Let me tell you, just from the 3 new units/new balancing that has been done to GDI they are a lot more fun to play with. I find myself now when I'm playing GDI vrs GDI looking at my units and building 3 or 4 war factories so I can pump out many different units at the same time. Each unit has a unique advantage that makes you go "I need a few of these, a couple of those, maybe 2 of those...", you get the picture.

Take it from this point of view. The Pitbull 5 can turn it's turret 360" and will fire at any enemy unit near it making it an excellent choice for quick hit and run attacks on an enemys base, especially if they drive by enemy infantry. I find myself making attack runs like this, quick in and out shots, to keep the enemy on it's toes. APC's filled with RPG's make great all around units, Pitbull 6's are great early anti-air and anti-vehicles, Defender APC's are great anti-heavy armor but lack air defenses, Preditors are great cheap front line tanks and once upgraded are a match for Titan tanks, Titans are great defensive tanks that work well protecting Juggernaughts and MRLS's, MRLS's are great for dealing with large swarms of light vehicles/buildings, and Mammoths while expensive and time consuming can deal with almost anything out there, they really are Mammoths on the battlefield.

So to all of you out there worried that we are wasting time doing something that isn't needed, don't worry this really does give GDI what they were missing. They now feel like a true army.


Vega said...

You really are doing such a great job with this. I'm not getting Kane's wrath because of it.

Azuza K said...

While I thank you for your support, I must confess that our mod should not be the reason to not get the expansion pack. Honestly there are a lot of good reasons not to get it and ea did that on there own lol