Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sundays update, a change of topic.

I was going to post todays topic with a decision about the original 3 armies and some pics of GDI's tech tree and how it's changing, but someone posted a comment on last weeks topic today that I have to address.

Anonymous Said :

"guys, i feel like being honest right now,

im telling you that, i wont come here anymore, the reason is, you guys are almost dead,

the mod was quite good when it started, and as far as i know, the most fun i had with xenoforce reborn was with one of the first release, i think its the 8.0a or something,

it had all 3 factions, and was just fun.
but now that you guys took 2 of those out, ...its been like a hell,

even if 8.0 was full of bugs and all, WTH, it was still WAAAAAY better than what i've experienced on 9.0c, d or something.

anyway, thanks allot for making xenoforce reborn, i had really good times with it.

i hope you guys can come up with a better version next time. "

Ok, while I am sorry that you feel this way it doesn't change the fact that I think you missed something. We're not dead, we are far from it. Right now I'm working on adding AW (along with some other things) back into the mod, then after that SEED is going back in. These forces were removed for a very real reason, that is they were only there to show people a glimer of what we were going to try to do but people took it as these armies were ready for prime time which they were not. We were getting so much flack from people saying that this stuff was overpowered/unbalanced/didn't work right/buggy that we just took it out until we could get the AI working and get the base design down for EF. Now that thats done we're putting them back in.

I'm sorry you don't find UC compelling, or all the changes to GDI, NOD, Scrin, but I'm not going to say that your right and that we should have kept the other 2 in until we could get back to working on them. Remember this mod is really only being activly worked on by 2 people, Doug and I. We do have our own issues to deal with in real life and can only do so much at once.

Finally, like I said, I've been working on things a lot latly. But it has been on the coding side of things so that there isn't any screen shots to show the progress. If you don't wish to stick around to see what's going to happen that is fine, it's your right. However, progress is going forward and like I said a few weeks ago, I make this mod for myself first and share it with others who I think would enjoy it. Good luck.


Anonymous said...

wow, that was deep, thanks for answering me though, maybe i wasnt the only one with similar thoughts, im just a player after all ^^'

im glad to know you guys havnt gave up on the mod, i felt you were kinda starting to lose motivation, but now i can see i was wrong, like totally!

thank god! of course the fixes you done on the UC are great and more enjoyable! i was just expressing myself as a player, that, for the time being, the lack of other factions made the mod waaaay less interesting.

sorry if i hurt anyone's feeling, here, i hava a HUGE respect for you guys, thats why ive been tracking your mod since the beginning.

the problem with modding, is that when a currently released game is being modded, the player has time to loose all interest in that game before a mod gets released.

i know you guys arnt machines, must be tough to work at two on a big mod like this,
but i was just a bit depressed that the updates were taking so long.

sorry if i meant any harms,
keep up the good work.
even if I dont get to enjoy the mod, im sure other inexperienced player of CC3 will have great fun with your mod.


Azuza K said...

This mod is being developed by the community in my opinion. We listen to everyones suggestions and thoughts, and work from there. You didn't hurt my feelings, but Doug is a little sensitive so you know, we have to be careful with what we say (just kidding). :)

You don't have to worry about this mod NOT finishing. It will get done. Why? Well, to understand why you need to understand me and Doug. We were very competitive in the old mod but it simply wasn't ment to be. Every game we played caused the game to crash half way through. That is unacceptable, which is why we're doing this now. We want to play a game vrs each other where we know we won't crash half way through. And more importantly, I need to show Doug while he is the best player I've ever played against his best isn't nearly good enough to deal with my abilitys. :D

tuix said...

The first thing I want to tell you that I like xenoforce 1.5 for general zero hour very much ,
but in your C&C3 version the gundam faction is so weak ,
in version 0.9D , mobile suits easy to destroy and some type can not attack infantry . the hero MS are useless .
Why did the earth federation use MS when it not better than tank .
I hate power plant the solar type very big but give small energy and can not upgrade and it very easy to destroy , the thermo type explode when destroy , it is weak point .
This make can not build gun turet not much .

Azuza K said...

I'm sorry you feel this way, but I disagree. I've heard a lot of people complain about the power issue of EF and I have to say what power issue?

The Solar Plant produces 30 points of power. It is the size of 2 GDI plants, and has the same cost as one GDI plant. It's health is twice a GDI plant. Even after the GDI plant gets its upgrade the Solar Plant is as good as the GDI plant.

The Nuclear plant is 2.5X the size of the solar plant, but produces over 3X the power. Yes, it can go nuclear, thats the Risk/Reward situatuion at work. If you don't like them, or can't defend them properly then don't build them, thats all I can say.

As for the mobile suts vrs tanks issue, remember we are balancing it so that things are good across many factions. A mobile suit is not going to be better than a tank because it's a mobile suit. Here are the differences.

Mobile suits are faster, more accurate, able to hit air and ground and infantry in a lot of situations, and do not have a "side armor" penalty meaning when you shoot them they take the same damage from the side as from the front.

Tanks are slower, heavier, better armored, and normally can only be useful against one type of target. Depending on their armor many take additional damage when attacked from the side.

All I am saying is there is again a risk/reward situation at play. Mecha will be able to do things tanks can't, but some faction tanks will be so strong that your basic mecha won't do anything against it.

An example of this would be the RGM79 vrs a Mammoth Tank. Sorry, Mammoth wins. 3 RGM 79's won't kill a mammoth, the mammoths armor is too thick and its rail cannons will make short work of the RGM's armor.