Saturday, May 28, 2011

Whats going on, I thought NOD was going to be done last week?

Yea, me too. Unfortunatly it's still a few weeks out now, but allow me to explain. Originally we were simply going to update NOD to the new damage / health system and call it a day. However when we started asking about them / working on them something became apparent. There simply are not many NOD players out there who are playing the mod at the moment. This leads one to wonder why and the answer that Doug and I came up with was simple. NOD simply wasn't that insteresting to play with.

So we started brain storming and have come up with an entire new NOD to play with. This new NOD is a lot like the old one in that they are using the same units for the most part and any current NOD player should have no trouble "stepping" into NOD's shoes and feeling at home with them. However this new NOD has quite a few new tricks up their sleeves.

Without going into the details of the back-story let us just say that the Xenoforce Reborn mod will be re-writing the CNC history for our story and that most changes happen after the 2nd Tib war. Previously NOD dissapeared after the Firestorm Conflict, but not this time. What we've done is make NOD into a full fledged Religous option for the people of Earth. They have their own churches, they are very open about following the teachings of Kane, and even have their own "guards of NOD" military force. This means that the troops of NOD are not just fanatics handed a weapon and pushed into service, these people are well trained and know how to use the equipment intrusted into them.

Now, NOD has 2 aspects of this force. They have the "Show" force of Buggies, Bikes, and Scorpion Tanks that they use and the world sees every day. The main reason GDI is not worried about these forces is that in comparison to GDI's forces and equipment NOD's is not a real threat. At least thats' what they see. NOD has developed additional tech to add to these units to bring them up to -par- with GDI's tech but they don't come that way to begin with. NOD wants GDI thinking these units are for defensive use only and not able to take GDI on in a head on fight. Thats why you get the laser capacitor upgrades, armor upgrades, and tiberium warhead upgrades to make them stronger later.

The hidden part of NOD is the other end of the spectrum. The Flame tanks, Stealth tanks, and Avatars are not shown to the world and GDI has no idea they exsist. These are the real force behind NOD.

Now, each vehicle is going to have a special attack or effect that go's off when the vehicles are killed. I have shown a few of them on MODDB recently. This is the current list that we are aiming to have in.

Radier Buggys - EMP blast when they are killed.

Attack Bikes - Drops a small mine field onto the ground when killed.

Scorpion Tank - Summons a Scorpion Bike when killed. (Scorpion Bike is bike with lasers instead of rockets and is a different color).

Flame Tank - Drops a Firestorm Bomb onto the ground when killed.

Beam Cannon - On death summons an Obelisk of Light to the battlefield for a short time.

Stealth Tank - On death fires off a large volly of rockets around it randomly.

Scud Launcher - On death turns into a "turret" that can fire it's Scud Missile one additional time before dying.

Avatar and Purifier - On death turns into a husk, also all units around them gain 50% attack speed and movement speed.

Can you start to see the opportunities? Run in with a large buggy squad to try and shut down the enemy defenses, then send in beam cannons and stealth tanks to try and do as much damage as possible. If I can get this all to work right, it could be a great time to play as NOD. :)

Also, NOD's powers are changing drasticly. NOD is all about Mass Distructuion and we plan to show it. Here is the list of powers that I am trying to add in. The biggest thing to know about these powers are none of them target a spicific thing, instead they all target a given area.

EMP Control - Fires off many EMP blasts in a given area.

Firestorm Control - Many hidden Firestorm bombs are detonated in a given area. These bombs may go off instantly or in 30 to 40 seconds. These bombs do Fire Damage.

Air Rocket Control - Drops metal canisters from the sky that hit the ground. When they do, they deploy into SAM sites that fire off a large volly of anti-air rockets and then explode. These do Rocket Damage

Artillery Shell Control - Small artillery shells rain down from the sky and pummel anything they hit on the way down. These do Cannon Damage.

Laser Maw Control - 5 Obelisks of Light are summoned into a given area. These Obelisks can combine their beams to damage a single target making them very dangerous. These last for about 30 seconds to a minute then dissapear back into the ground. This does Laser Damage.

Liquid Tiberium Control - Drops a Liquid Tiberium Bomb onto the battlefield damaging everyone and anything Tiberium related. This does Tiberium Damage.

Time control - Activating nano-bots inside the bloodstreams of the NOD personal caught inside the activation pulse, these units gain 50% attack speed and 50% movement speed for a short time.

Rage control - Activating nano-bots inside the bloodstreams of the NOD personal caught inside the activation pulse, these units gain 50% health increase and the ability to regenerate their health for a short time.

So thats what we're looking at for the new NOD. It'll be a few more weeks until its done, if you have any questions feel free to ask. :-)

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