Sunday, June 5, 2011

Home strech of new NOD design.

We're almost done with the new NOD design. This means 2 things.

1) we can finally get back to working on EF. I personally can't wait and am finding it hard to NOT just jump in and start working on AW.

2) a release for these changes will be coming soon within the next few days for everyone to try out.

Now the 2nd reason is important. I wasn't going to release the mod this way and just keep it as an internal mod but recently I've had a few emails (and one request on the image section of MOD DB) asking for us to release the mod with only the 3 original armies. So thats what I plan on doing. This mod will be called Xenoforce : The Original 3 and will only have GDI/NOD/Scrin in it. A few things to remember on this is that this new mod will not be getting updated regularly, it's simply a test run for our new balancing system and for the people out there who want to play the mod this way. Also, just because we won't have any EF stuff in here (or an option to play as EF) does NOT mean we are stopping work. I know it looks like we keep taking things away but I promise you thats not what's happening here, this is just what some folks have asked for.

Here is the list of changes that still need to happen before the release this week.

1) NOD special powers.

2) NOD Defenses need rebalancing.

3) few more GDI Tweaks.

4) few more AI tweaks for Scrin.

So here we go.

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