Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Original 3 is a great sucsess!

I guess it depends on what your measuring it up against but to me over 600 downloads in a week is great! On top of that we were on the front page of MOD DB for the week and in their "showcase slideshow"!

Later this week (probably close to friday) I will be uploading an update to the O3 mod, version 1.1

This version will address a few balancing issues with the GDI and NOD along with major rebalancing of the Scrin. For example the Stormrider will now get 3 plasma guns instead of the lance weapon, the Tripod loses the ability to upgrade it's arms individually (now it's done through the regular Scrin Powers System) and gains the ability to blink (ah ha! Now there is a good reason to pick that power! Blinking Tripods with Shields and Lance Weapons? Talk about dangerous!)

Keep your eyes open guys, and we'll see you next week.

1 comment:

yanyong said...

When will you release EF version ?
I hope EF will better than 0.9D , because 3 original
are all upgrade .