Monday, June 6, 2011

Xenoforce : The Original 3 Rebalancing Test

Here it is, a playable rebalancing for the original 3 armies of CNC3. This is a test run of the new 3 armies and the way the rebalancing came out. If it turns out to be good then I will release this version as a seprate mod on MOD DB.

Sorry, mod was pulled due to me being a moron and not resetting timers on NOD powers. Will be back up in a few hours if I can get the upload to go through.

Ok, here's the link to the REAL test. NOTE! Do not pick EF as a playable choice. If you do it will crash the mod. This mod ONLY has GDI/NOD/Scrin in it. IF this test go's well I will release this as a full mod with only GDI/NOD/Scrin on MOD DB and EF will not show up as an option.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to play a version of the EF faction , I hope that the EF would be better.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...... NOD is kinda pawning everybody. I mean.... Scrin can KINDA hold their own agaist NOD, but GDI.... kinda got slaughtered

Azuza K said...

Yea I have noticed that too. I have seen gdi win but that was with mammoths. Scrin seems to always lose.

The question is where is the problem. Is it in nods weapons or their powers.

More testing is needed to figure it out. Let me know how nod is winning, is it because of a specific unit? Thanks for the feedback.

Alan said...

well as far as the actual gameplay when i was playing as nod I just spammed powers and pretty much won using just those.

I have been having problems with the mod itself actually i dont know what it is but i play one match then almost everything is replaced by a pinkish-purpleish color and i need to quit and reopen it again so any fix for that would be appreciated

Azuza K said...

I will be releasing another test run in a few days. I have definatly seen the issue with NODS powers and fixed them. I have increased the timer on some of them and changed most of them to require the countdown to finish first before you can use them.

As for the "pink" issue, try this. Make sure all of your old replay files are deleted first. This may sound odd but a lot of issues that I've seen have been linked to this. If it's still happening it sounds like the game isn't able to find the texture files, try increasing or decreasing the texture size under options. Finally, make sure you have enough virtual video memory set asside for the video card. Some internal graphics cards give you this option.