Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sorry for the late update

It's been a busy weekend with 4th of July here in the states. Sorry for the late update.

This post isn't going to say much other than I'm currently working on the new design for Earth Federation - UC (Yes, AGAIN, but with good reason this time.) After all the hard work that we've put into the original 3 we have learned quite a bit about the engine and the AI. The biggest things are what we can get the AI to do, what we can't, and what it really can understand out of the options we give it.

Its for this reason that we're abandning the UC Timeline design. Yes the AI can do it, but it really is not needed. Honestly, it's kind of silly to have all these units that you can only build at certain times. The reason we had the timeline setup in the game was because we were trying to stick to the UC Story as much as possible.

This is no longer going to be the case. The UNITS themselves will still work as close as possible to the Gundam story. The force itself though will not. This means the following.

1. A RGM 79 will work like you expect it to vrs say a Stark Jegan. I kinda feel sorry for the RGM 79 in this match-up.

2. You will be able to build the RGM 79 and the Stark Jegan at the same time with this new design. No more "greyed out units", you just get more as you move forwards.

Doug and I have been having a lot of discussions latley about this new design. If you listen to Doug's podcast you will have heard us and him discussing the new ideas we're toying with. The biggest thing I want to point out is that the things we talk about during this time period are NOT garunteed to be in the game. They're just discussions about what we could do and what is possible and what's not in the game.

Everyone have a good week, and I hope to have some more news soon.


Alan said...

So it will be more like the 9A Alpha rather than the 9D Alpha?

Azuza K said...

Yes, that would be a fair comment to make. While the next official release on moddb is months away we will still be posting test builds for different parts as we complete them. So keep your eyes open, as always we post the test builds up here first, we hope to have a test build done sometime in august for at least uc.

Azuza K said...
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