Sunday, July 10, 2011

Things about the new design.

While we get ready to start working on our new Earth Federation designs one of the key points behind each design is making sure that not only each unit has a purpose for being in the game, but that each of the 3 sides have a true reason for being in the game and a distinct game play style.

Our current design for UC revolves around the holding of land. UC's defenses will be cheaper and gain experience quicker than AW or SEED's defenses. UC's air resource drops will also come in quicker as they have the supply lines better secured than AW or SEED. Finally, UC gains more tech and more units as the situation escalates. This means that the longer you fight UC the stronger they get. The reason for these game play designs is because in our story UC is supposed to be the force that simply holds the areas that SEED has taken. Think of UC as the forces that when they move they attack enemy lines as a large push, no small skirmish's with these guys.

AW and SEED's designs have not been figured out yet, but this is what I can tell you. From our story, AW is the force that is based off of the Lunar Base. These are the force that initially started the fight for the Earth Federations independence by launching attacks against GDI Blue Zones in North America. What this means is when we do their army the big thing that we'll be looking at is units that have speed, hitting power, and quick deployment and reinforments. This roll will work great for AW as between their "Bits" system for reinforments, the "Dome Defense System" for unique attack points, the "Sat Cannons" for massive stopping power, and the special powers being based around the unique "newtypes" that were in the show AW will have all of these things to make them a very dangerous army to play against. The AW weakness is going to be their structures, or more to the point their defenses. AW simply won't be designed around setting down massive bases, they will work more off the idea of small, efficent bases with few buildings that do lots of different rolls.

SEED is based around a very simple idea. In our story SEED is the force that takes land by making broad forward movements. Where UC uses a sledge hammer to hammer in a nail and AW uses a nail gun with a single nail in it and hopes it go's in right the first time, SEED truly is going to be the proper hammer for the nail each time. This means that each SEED unit that we do put in is going to picked and choosen as a counter for another unit type. While this means that SEED will always have something to work with this unfortunatly also means that if you pick the wrong units to build you could end up losing very easily. However, SEED doesn't have to just rely on having counter units to win. SEED will have additional Ally forces to call on. SEED can team up with ORB to gain access to units like the Freedom and Justice or they can team up with Blue Cosmos and gain super powerful mass production mobile armors like the Destroy Gundam. It'll be interesting if I can get this to work right, that'll be sure.

So soon I should have some pics of the new design working (assuming I ever get past the design faze and move into the recoding faze). If you have any suggestions or questions let us know.

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