Sunday, January 22, 2012

GDI's new design.

Yes, I finally am getting around to talking about the changes that I've planned for GDI. There are not a lot of changes that I plan on doing, only 3 in fact. 1 change is to their economy and the other 2 are to their super powers. Thats how strongly Doug and I feel about GDI's current design.

The first change is going to be with their economy. GDI's design is based around deployment and units, showing a strong front on all fronts and wiping away the enemy with grand sweeping groups of forces. They will have 2 sources of Income, the traditional mining of Tiberium being the main and our new "force economy" as the secondary. What's the force economy? Basically what we're going to try and do is have every single unit that you build tick off cash every 3 seconds. The amount of cash they tick off will be 1/100th of their normal cost. This will mean that once a unit has been on the field and not killed for at least 5 minutes the unit will have payed for itself. Obviously this isn't going to be the case most of the time, but this also means that a turtle who just builds and builds and builds will continue to offset the cost of their base and new units with existing units allowing GDI to get more bang for its buck.

Now for the superpowers. GDI currently has the Ion Cannon, and that isn't going to change. We are however going to expand the way that the Ion Cannon can be fired. The traditional Ion Cannon is going to switch to being a 5 minute power and be the "Non-Targeting Ion Cannon" power. This is because after you tell it where to fire it will do just that and you can't change the target.

The second fire mode (or first new Ion Cannon) will be a "Controlled Ion Cannon" and will fire much like the USA cannon did in CNC Generals. The idea is that the power will spawn an "invisible, controllable, unit" that the player can move wherever they want. As the unit moves it will spawn the "big beam" of light part of the Ion Cannon and cut a path behind it. Finally this unit will last for like 10 seconds and then self-destruct, basically giving you control of where the beam go's. This beam will not have a large blast radius but it will be useful when you need to cut a path open. It will have a 7 minute timer.

The final fire mode (or second new Ion Cannon) will be what I like to call the "Planet Cutter". This power will literally cut a semi-controlled path across the map with multiple cannons firing at once! How it works is that the player "targets" where they defiantly want the beam to hit and then an "invisible" unit will spawn. This unit will move like the Firehawk bomber and work exactly like that unit does when it drops the MOAB. However it will also work like our EF Capitol Ships do, attacking any enemy that it flies over. This means that the unit will fly across the map in a straight line and any enemy that is caught underneath this drone will trigger the Ion Cannon to fire at that place! It will fire a few or ton of Ion Cannon Strikes all in a row doing massive damage. This Timer will be 15 minutes long.

So there you have it, our current plans on GDI. Let me know what you think.


UltraKiroXei said...

Oh, I really like to hear about those new super-weapons. Controlled Ion cannon, that would be fun for this without the no miss shot. And Planet Cutter, more massive destruction means I want to try this out for the next version.

I've felt like I was watching these GDI enjoying with this new ion cannon. Like blasting the EF, Zeon, Robotech, Scrin, and Macross star fleets off the space. And frying Nod Army off the ground and killing Messiah Kane instantly. Kinda like my mind was made up.

Alan said...

The new design is defiantly more dangerous than the old one. When you said you didnt like the Ion Cannon at first thought that you were just going to ad like two lasers firing close together or something this is just crazy and I cant wait to try it out.

UltraKiroXei said...

Well, its hard to figure it out how make the code correctly for the Controlled Ion Cannon and Planet Cutter. So you have to like study some stable coding from C&C Generals ZH.