Saturday, January 28, 2012

Will the SEED design suck?

It's a good question to ask at this point. Now that we've gotten Scrin redone (again) and have a solid focus/design for Nod done it's time to look at the next big thing. (I am ignoring GDI's work as really they are not getting any real attention this time, they're pretty much good where they are other than the stuff I mentioned last week).

And that next big thing is SEED. SEED has quite a few things going against it right from the start too. You have the fact that we've been working on the EF for two years now (I'm about sick of it honestly and can't wait to go on to Invid/Zeon/RDF). Then there is the fact that SEED has a very diverse selection of units and mobile armors to pick from. On top of that is the fact that many of the more popular SEED units would not fit in our design as your playing as Earth and not Zaft. Finally you have the problem that we have a ton of suits already made for us and donated that we have to sort through, maybe one that we've been given just won't work when we try to put it in (A problem I had with the Powered GM many times. All 3 donated versions caused severe lag in-game and I ended up retro-fitting a different model to get one in).

Having said all of that there is also the issue that I honestly do not have a clear vision of how I would like to see SEED in the game. The vision for UC was there and worked from the get-go. The vision for AW also varied only slightly from it's initial design and works well I think. So where does that leave SEED? In strategy terms UC is the Turtle Army and AW is the swarm army. Is SEED supposed to be the Blitz army? Maybe it's supposed to be between UC and AW, able to both turtle and swarm but not really having to devote it's entire strategy down one of those paths. Or could SEED be destined for something else, a force more akin to Nod using stealth and super powers to try and win the day. In the end I really want SEED in the game but I'm afraid that if we just half-ass it we're going to end up with a less-than-optimal force that people play for "fanboy" reasons and not because it brings something unique to the table.

What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

All i can say is, take your time, seed is a separate force and has unique units, so in its entirety will be unique regardless, in terms of strategy, maybe the units themselves will give a better indication of where that will go ? Best of luck

Alan said...

Personally I would rather see Zeon or one of the other factions getting worked on then if (and hopefully when) you get inspiration for seed you can add them in later if you so choose. I liked seeing the Zaku's and would enjoy using them sooner rather than later

Anonymous said...

You can always move on to another faction and come back to seed at a later date once u have some ideas for it