Monday, January 9, 2012

No post this week.

Sorry, don't have much to say this week as we just got everything back up and running (both Doug and I decided / had to reinstall windows and stuff at the same time, funny how that happens).

I will post my ideas on GDI and their super weapons that I've developed recently tomorrow.


Alan said...

I was wondering when we could expect another release.
I understand that it might not be for a while I was just hoping that you guys might have an estimation.

Azuza K said...

No idea, I'm almost done with scrin (problems with the last power) and after that GDI gets a few very minor changes (the super powers that I've planned and a new way to gain money) and then we have whatever Doug is doing to nod.

Alan said...

okay sounds good. So you have no idea what Doug is doing with NOD? Well I hope everything goes as planned. But we all know how well plans seem to work for you guys. So good luck I will be looking forward to next sundays post.