Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I feel like someone just pulled the football....

So we were making some excellent progress on the mod these last few weeks.  GDI is good to go.  NOD is almost there.  And now we're getting into changes with the Scrin.

And then it happened.  It was bound to happen sooner or later, but I really was hoping for later.  3D Studio Max gave me the middle license error finger.  Sigh.

If anyone out there has ever used the same copy of 3DMax 8 before on their system over a long length of time then you know what I'm talking about.  Somehow, someway, the license had become corrupt and 3D Studio would not run.  Uninstalling doesn't fix this.  Reinstalling doesn't fix this.  So after some more googling I found a solution, find the hidden license file and delete it.  This will cause 3d studio to reactivate itself.  And it was so, the angels were happy and the sky was blue!

Then 4 hours later I turned the computer back on and 3D Studio said "uh, you be fucked dude".  Yea, more problems.  So I ran some more tests and came up with a few HD errors.  Fixed them tried again.  3D studio started up but once the program got in it would freeze.  So I said "hmm, fine, I'll use 3D Studio 9 then.  I have that as well (just prefer 8 for mod work)".  Yea, same type of problem.

Since 2 different programs have the exact same problem I started thinking it wasn't actually a 3D Studio problem and was more likley a driver or windows issue.  Few hours later I had it narrowed down.  Windows is a bitch.  :p

So now I'm backing up everything and getting ready for a new install of windows.  This time there will be no Raid 0,  tried it and didn't like it.  Is this bad?  I don't think so.  I may even try dual booting, one HD running XP and the other running 7.  We'll see.  But for now we're in the ditch waiting for the toe truck.  I should be up and running by tomorrow.  But the long and the short of it is the release that I had planned on having ready for this weekend won't be here.  It's in the ditch.  Next to an old copy of XP.  :p


Alan said...

Eh shit happens right? Im just happy we got some word as to what was going on, i remember a little while ago you missed a week or two and i was horrified, because i thought you might have given up.

azuza001 said...

Yea, it does happen.

Give up? NEVER lol. No my biggest "mental block" for working on the MOD in the last few months has been SEED to tell the truth. I have a general idea of what I want but I just havn't seen a design that makes me go "THATS awsome, I need to work on building that into the mod." UC and AW were simple, SEED.... I think I need to go back and watch the show or something. Every seed design we do looks servicable on paper but it doesn't do much other than be "more" gundam units.

The biggest issue with them comes down to there just being so many different "factional" parts that you could go with, finding a design and working with it just isn't as easy as it was with UC and AW. Maybe that will make it all the more better in the end.

But I will not give up. This mod WILL get done. Even if the worst happens and I can't continue on it for some reason I would have the source code for all that we've done up to this point released as open source so someone else could come in and continue it.

Alan said...

Well SEED is difficult. It was more of a soap-opera with robots then a mecha military anime much of the time.