Thursday, September 6, 2012

We now return you to your regularly schedualed program.

Just wanted to let everyone know that the PC is fixed and we're back in business.  I should have some new pics up within the next few days dealing with NOD's "Time Wall" that they put up.  I will tell you that while we're still not 100% sure on the way it looks it's functionality is damn cool and I personally love it.  It has just the right amount of "This needs to be dealt with so we can move forward" without having too much "This just isn't right, how are we supposed to deal with something like this?"


Alan said...

Questions about NOD.
1)Time wall, now that sounds interesting how would that work would it be ANOTHER power or would it be a new super weapon?
2)Why does NOD have so many powers?
3)Why can they have so many avatars so quickly?
Personally the Avatars I can handle and the powers I can handle but when I'm doing just fine and fighting off some Scrin Motherships with my GM 3s and everything is all fine and dandy and all of a sudden I'm being shot with EMP's and fire storm and turrets all over my base and Avatars coming to get me its a bit crazy. was that by design?

azuza001 said...

1. Nope, it's not a power at all. One of the changes we've made to NOD recently was give the NOD Powerplants the ability to also produce a "Stealth" field. Because of this the NOD Distruption Towers have pretty much lost a use. We also had an issue with the Temple of NOD not giving any sort of added benifet past what it ready did, unlike GDI who's Ion Cannon also gave them a "Direct Firing" Ion weapon that attacked enemy units that came near the base.

What we came up with was this "Time Distortion" field that would cause any enemy units that move into it, be them ground or air, to move and fire at 25% reduced speed. The distortion towers produce a small field where the temple itself produces a huge field. Either way the idea is simple, they simply slow the enemy down giving you a chance to react quicker.

2. NOD is a weapons manufacturer now. The reason they have so many powers is because they are simply using all of the toys they have developed to make your life hell. Just sad but true lol.

3. The Avatar thing is different with the new release. They take longer to build (of course a lot of things take longer to build now) so the mad rush of NOD Avatars should not happen as much. Also certain high end units on the EF side will have EMP Shields built into their frames. SEED has a lot of units that are immune to EMPs, on UC's side the Jegans will have this as well (they don't in the current build).

Alan said...

Okay those EMP shields will help greatly, thank you. Now I will actually use the Jegans. (I tend to find myself staying with the lower units, The GM III, and the Custom mostly, but I've been mixing it all up in my last few battles)
A question about the GM Sniper 2, is it supposed to not fire unless specifically declaring a target?

azuza001 said...

Yea, it's an issue with the units stealth. While it's stealthed it won't attack unless you tell it to. IF it is detected it should auto-fight back. At least thats the way it's supposed to work if it isn't I'll go back an try and figure out why.

Now if it's following this pattern before it's upgraded to the lvl 2 version then there is a problem there and again it needs to be looked at.

Alan said...

I dont know i only use the hazel form because thats how it works out with the timing. and when i do use it i dont quite watch what happens in the battle because there are numerous other conflicts also going on on the screen.