Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alpha 0.7 delayed

I know I planned on having the 7th alpha done by today and out to you guys by tonight, but as I cleaned up the code I kept finding things I wanted to fix and/or add to help change the overall experience.  

To give you guys an idea of the things that are changing, we're removing the G-Falcon from the game and replacing it with a generic chopper until I can get my hands on a Fanfan model.  We've also replaced the generic paladin tank with the Type-61 Tank.  Also we're adding a few more defensive units to the UC side and are modifying the code so that the generic defenses that all 3 sides have change based off of which side you pick (Example would be SEED defenses will have more health to counteract the fact that they have fewer defenses). 

There currently isn't an ETA to when we will have the next version of the mod, but I am hoping within the next week or so.  Also since we're working so hard on adding these new units/stats into the game the "rundown" that I planned on posting will be delayed until after the next mod release.  Keep your eyes open for more info.

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